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F*ck Like a Pornstar: with Brandi Love

Welcome to "Fuck Like a Pornstar," where we interview our Fleshlight Girls on all things sex. Think of this as a "backstage pass" to your favorite pornstar's bedroom. In today's segment, we chat with one of your favorite Fleshlight MILFs, Brandi Love.

Brandi made her porn debut at 31 years old (years later than most adult stars today.) Due to this, the industry automatically tagged the hard-bodied blonde in the "MILF” category, where she continues to thrive to this day.


Throughout her 20s, Brandi experimented with swinger culture and curiously began filming her own sexual content to sell online. A natural entrepreneur, she launched her first website in 2004, effectively beginning her career as an adult film star.

Her popularity as the ultimate MILF and hot housewife escalated from there. In 2011, due to her fans' overwhelming support (and demand), she found herself shooting for porn studios such as Girlfriend Films, Hustler and Brazzers. 

Naturally, Brandi was on our radar for years before we brought her on and thus we jumped at the opportunity to add her to our lineup of Fleshlight Girls in 2017. Now, without further ado, let's see what she had to say in our interview, "Fuck Like a Pornstar."

Brandi, we're so glad to have you here today. Let's kick this off with a "softball question" that we're sure your fans will appreciate: 

What are your top 3 favorite sexual positions?

I've received this question a lot over the years, and it's interesting because my favorite positions really haven't changed! Even with everything I've tried my three favorites still are missionary, doggystyle, and cowgirl.

Many guys out there are always looking for the best techniques to get their girls off. What is the best way to make you cum?

Being good in bed has zero to do with the size of your cock and everything to do with how good you are as a lover. For me, the best ways to get me off are these two: 

  1. Fingers and tongue. Slide a couple of fingers inside me with a little "come here" motion while you're gently caressing my clit with your tongue... whew!

  1. I'm not sure what has changed with my body or mind, but for some reason, within the past year or so, I have been orgasming a lot more from fucking. It has something to do with the person holding tightly onto my hips while keeping a consistent, mid-paced rhythm.


What tricks have some of the talent you have worked with used to last longer in bed?

Ohhh! Interesting question!

I've seen a lot of things on set and discussed in conversation. Some of them include pulling out and slapping it when they get close to cumming. 

A lot of guys have a "mantra" they repeat in their minds... you can't hear them say it, but I can see it in their eyes, faces, and body language. They go to a different place mentally, and I just know (laughter). 

Then there's the old standby–think about baseball, chores, do math problems .. anything that distracts from the intensity of pleasure.

What is the best toy that a guy can bring into the bedroom to heighten the sexual experience?

Well, selfishly, of course, my Fleshlight! 

I've had a lot of fun in my personal life using my anal Fleshlight, “Shameless”, on my husband...and others, too.


But to use on me: there are these great little vibes that attach to your fingers. Couple those with just about any sexual act, and wow!

What is one thing that you do in your scenes that you would never do (or prefer not to do) in your private life?

The pile driver position and reverse cowgirl.

The pile driver position forces air into places that air wasn't meant to go lol. And it causes–eww–queefing! 

Come on, that's just not sexy.

And as much as I love the visual of reverse cowgirl, it's a very tough position for me to hold. I actually had to go get cortisone shots in both shoulders from repeatedly holding that position.

In porn, it's common for the guy to finish on your face, mouth, or chest… what do you like in your private life? What do you recommend men do?

In my private life, it's either my face or pussy! But (I'd say) it really depends on where your man prefers to cum. 

I mean if he gets turned on by cumming on your armpit why should that matter? 

Isn't the goal of sex to bring as much pleasure to your partner as you can?

What kind of dirty talk really gets you going? Can you give us an example?

Confidence in dirty talk is essential. Simple, clear directions or statements without malice or hesitation are a huge turn-on for me.  

"Yes.. baby... on your knees..."

"Open that pretty mouth..."

"Rub your clit for me, baby.."

"That pussy feels so good.." 


What recommendation do you have for guys when it comes to "getting rough" in the bedroom? What's hot and what's not?

Getting rough, for me, is all about "tone." Men like Manuel, Keiran, Johnny Sins, Ryan Madison, my husband, etc., have a way of having rough sex that is all passion without anger. Pure animalistic lust. 

That's hot for me. 

That's very different from aggression. But that's very personal. I know women who not only like things a lot rougher than I do, but they need them.

Do you have an experience where someone did something unexpected in bed that you really enjoyed?

It happens all the time! Men and women develop little tricks or techniques that are truly unique to them. Sometimes it's a position or a way they kiss or use their fingers or tongues. 

Final Words

And with that, we come to an end of this week's segment of "Fuck Like a Pornstar." If you're anything like us, this steamy sex chat with Mrs. Brandi Love likely left you wanting her even more than before.

Fortunately for you, our Brandi Love Fleshlights are replicated from the star’s most intimate parts with precision, and customers have raved about their interior textures for years since their initial launch. 

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