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Fleshlight in Pop Culture: Jason Momoa as The Elf on the Shelf

We would have never thought we’d ever be discussing Fleshlight and actor Jason Momoa in the same breath (and, before you jump to conclusions, no, he’s not the new Fleshlight Guy) However, right around the holidays in 2018, Saturday Night Live did just that in one of their most famous Christmas skits, which starred “Khal Drogo,” himself. 

To celebrate its 2-year anniversary, we wanted to spend a minute recapping the whole event and inviting you in on the hilarity in case you missed it.

Here’s how it went down.

At the tail end of 2018, Jason Momoa was on the cusp of starring in his big-budget film as the lead role in DC’s Aquaman. Due to this and his wildly popular Game of Thrones character, Khal Drogo, it was only natural that SNL would bring him on to host the show. 

Now, Jason Momoa isn't exactly known for comedic chops but he started out his opening monologue by mentioning he was a "SNL super-nerd dork," and it showed throughout his debut hosting gig. In it, he proved to have a ton of charisma, and thanks to his energy, the episode was a hit!


While on the show, Momoa was part of several different skits but one stood out above the rest – The Elf on the Shelf.

As kids, Christmas was a time full of wonder and wholesome family cheer. We were told that elves on the shelves would keep an eye on us and report to Santa that we had either been naughty or nice.

It’s only natural that as we grow up, our desires turn from toys to… other things. And, that’s when it can get a little awkward for Santa’s elves…

The Elf on the Shelf SNL Skit

The scene starts out with three elves, high-pitched voiced elves reporting to Santa, giving him the most recent intel on their assigned children... 

“I want a new kid, Santa,” Scrappy the elf (Jason Momoa) tells Santa (played by Beck Bennett) when asked about Marshall, the boy he’s been watching over for 13 years. 


“He figured out how to do something with his body, and now he won’t stop doing it.”

Without getting graphic with the details, Scrappy explains to the other elves that it’s “a solo act” that really can’t be defined as either naughty or nice. 

Since as an elf he isn’t allowed to close his eyes, he has no choice but to watch and, to make things even more uncomfortable, sometimes Marshall looks at him while he’s doing it.

Meanwhile the audience bursts out laughing at this ridiculously perverse scenario, Santa brushes Scrappy’s complaints aside as “no big deal,” and then changes the subject to what each elf’s kids want for Christmas, which he reads off of his list. 
While the other elf’s children want a train set and a new soccer ball, Scrappy’s child, Marshall, wants a “Fleshlight.”

“Ah, Scrappy. You spelled flashlight wrong,” replies Santa. 
Scrappy then responds, “I wish that were true.” 

Scrappy then describes some of the other not-so-great parts of puberty that the 13-year-old is going through. 

And before Santa leaves for his big night, the elf warns him to “make a lot of noise when you get to Marshall’s room. He’ll stop for a few seconds if he hears something.”

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