Dating Advice with Mia Malkova


We’re back for yet another segment of Dating Advice and this time we have our lovely Fleshlight Girl Mia Malkova joining us. Watch below for the full experience or feel free to continue reading for a “tip-by-tip” breakdown of our exclusive interview with this curvy, sensual star.

Tip #1: First Date = No Movie

Mia’s first dating advice tip is to do something other than head to the cinema like you would in your teenage years. 

“I wouldn't recommend going to a movie. Instead, I would recommend finding a nice restaurant. Maybe not too fancy. You don't want to make it awkward, but somewhere where there is good food so that you can actually sit down and get to know each other.”
We fully agree with Mia here. If your goal is getting to know the girl on a deeper level and, of course, having awesome, passionate sex, then you’re better off connecting over a nice meal and a drink (or three). 

Tip #2: Don’t Try Too Hard

Mia’s second dating tip is the following: 
“If you're going on a date, don't feel the need to dress up or try too hard. Just be yourself.”

Just play it cool. And, of course, keep it casual. You’re more than likely not proposing just yet. Unless you’re on a date at a very nice spot, there’s no need to formalize things too soon. 

Tip #3: Let Go of Grudges

Next, Mia dives into resentment that tends to come and go in most relationships. 
“I think it's very important not to hold a grudge. Just let things go if they're not a big deal. If it's not going to matter in five years, it's not going to matter in five minutes.” 

Tip #4: Make Time for Intimacy

For this next tip, Mia adamantly states that “there's never an excuse not to connect with your partner. Intimacy is very important and it can be whatever you consider it to be.” 
We agree! You and your partner’s intimacy doesn't have to be something out of a romance movie. 

You and your partner can and should define what it means to you.

Tip #5: Avoid Assumptions

If, for example, somebody is taking a while to get back to you, do you: 

a) assume they’re avoiding you? 

b) give them the benefit of the doubt, assuming they’re just busy? 

Mia Malkova advises us men (and women) to “not make assumptions,” assuming the worst. It’s always best to take into consideration that life happens and it’s not always about you. 

That’s a wrap, guys.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this segment of Dating Advice! Make sure to check out Mia Malkova’s new, insanely popular, pussy and butt Fleshlights here!

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