Build Your Own [Adult] Easter Basket with Fleshlight Combos!

Even if you don’t particularly celebrate Easter, or you are actively trying to avoid all those delicious and highly addictive chocolate candies, we still have a treat for you! It’s zero carbs, zero sugar—and no pastels or rabbits required.... We’re talking about Fleshlight’s own amazing combo packs! Not only do you get a perfectly “packaged” and catered selection of our best male sex toys, and/or accompanying products together, but combos save you a nice wad of cash too.


And if you do happen to enjoy chocolate eggs and rabbits, scoring a new Fleshlight is a great way to get in some cardio and burn off all those sweet treats. Look, we’re not judging! Cadbury eggs are the OG of Easter chocolate like we’re the OG of Male Masturbators. Whether you love the chocolate caramel, peanut butter, or old-school cream-filled Easter eggs, we totally get it--although we might be biased to “cream filling” around here, albeit in a different way.... 


Anyway, think of grabbing a Fleshlight Combo as building your own special “Adult Easter Basket” made of all the “treats” you love—and none of the guilt or diabeetus. If you want to carve out some time to de-stress with your favorite fantasy babes, we certainly have plenty of Fleshlight Girl Combo packs that are sure to have you humping and pumping like a jack rabbit on steroids! Boing! Boing! Boink! 


Now, if you have a special “Bunny” in your life who’s down for a good time, you could always pick up the Quickshot for you and a Poppy Bloom Bullet Vibe for her. Fair disclaimer: you should probably still get her flowers, but we think she’ll be tickled if you say “happy spring” with the Poppy Bloom. Bullet vibes are an unsung hero for couple play, because they allow you to home in on specific erogenous zones and take turns teasing each other until your toes curl. Poppy Bloom’s soft silicone body and rounded tip will feel great on your/her nipples, on your balls, her clitoris...You don’t need us to tell you--hop, hop down the “bunny trail” and get creative! 


Meanwhile, our trusty Quickshot Vantage allows you to up the ante in all kinds of exciting ways. Because the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage is designed to be see-through and has fully exposed orifices on each end, it’s the perfect toy to enhance oral fun...or a particularly ambitious “manual job.” Let your lady give it a go and have her way with you!  


Even for solo play, the Quickshot Vantage wins our horny hearts for its smaller [travel friendly] size and sheer versatility. If you love your regular Fleshlight and haven’t tried a Quickshot yet, well, “hop to it”...because YES: there is a Quickshot Vantage Combo Pack 


All this to say: 1) investing in any of our innovative male toys is a no-brainer regardless of your relationship status; and 2) Sex toys are never “competition” for a good time: the couple that plays together, climaxes together! Also, saving money and scoring more great Fleshlight deals for less always wins the day. 


Be sure you are signed up for the Fleshlight Loyalty Club so you earn points and exclusive rewards every time you shop...cause we’re always ‘hoppy’ to see you around here!  

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