Behind the Scenes with Janice Griffith

Earlier this year, while out in Las Vegas, we teamed up with renowned pornstar Janice Griffith for a full-day photoshoot where they showcased their gorgeous smile, tight body, and some of our most popular Fleshlights today. 

In our time together behind-the-scenes, we were lucky enough to be able to get up close and personal with the petite, 5 feet 3 inches tall, star.

Take a minute to watch the behind the scenes video of Janice Griffith below!

 Note: Janice Griffith identifies as “non-binary,” so we will respectfully use her preferred pronouns (they/their) throughout this article. 

Janice Griffith’s Photoshoot

In Janice’s photoshoot, back in January, we spent an entire day on location with them and a number of other Fleshlight Girls as they posed in various skimpy attire in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. 

As you can see in our behind-the-scenes-video, Janice poses with several of our hottest male masturbators (shown in the following order):

Fleshskins Blue Ice
Flight Commander
Janice Griffith’s Fleshlight
Flight Pilot

During our Fleshlight Girl photoshoots, we strive to show off our stars, build out a new collection of new digital content, and, when possible, sit down for an exclusive interview, too. 

In case you missed it. Here's one we released last year.

About Janice Griffith

If you’re one of the few guys out there that haven’t yet run across Janice, here’s a quick rundown of the young, vibrant, sexually expressive person.

Growing up in New York City, Janice packed their bags and headed out to Los Angeles in 2013. 

It’s here where their porn career took off, raising them to the “notorious adult star status” that they hold today. 

Besides what all us men see from a physical standpoint – a tiny, tight body, beautiful face, and perfect natural breasts - Janice Griffith is also a brilliant mind and beautiful soul. 

To be sure, they is passionate about what they does on camera but also is heavily focused on making a change in the way the adult entertainment industry and sex workers are viewed and how they conduct their transactions.

An avid believer in the future of cryptocurrency and the power of privacy it affords its users, Janice Griffith is the co-founder of SpankChain, which serves to bring blockchain technology and its power to the adult industry. Cryptocurrency affords its users with enormous privacy never before seen. Through their company, Janice seeks to give individuals power over their position in the adult entertainment space.  

Janice Griffith’s lifelike “Eden” Fleshlight is not only an exact lifelike replica of their perfect pussy, it is the first of its kind to perfectly match one of our pornstar’s natural flesh tones.  

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