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Our anal training sets are expertly designed to prep your backdoor for fantastic anal play. Every anal trainer kit comes with three insertable plugs of increasing sizes for ultimate anal pleasure. Use your butt plug set for mind-blowing masturbation or as an anal dilator to prep for easy insertion sex. 

Whether this is your first time using a plug kit or you’re experienced, our butt plug training set will take you all the way with no tears.

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More info on Fleshlight's Anal Training Kit

What is anal training?

Anal play is a thrilling, pleasurable form of sex that many people thoroughly enjoy. Unlike a vagina or mouth, your backdoor entrance requires some preparation before use. 

Anal training is the process of preparing the anus for any form of anal penetration. Unlike a prostate massager or anal vibrator, an anal trainer set is used before more intense penetration. This could include penetration from any object or body part, big or small; even inserting a finger could require some preparation. 

An anal plug set is especially useful for preparing to take anal dildos, any strap-on member, suction cup toys, rechargeable remote control toys, and more. 

Proper anal training works objects (typically butt plugs) into the hole bit by bit, increasing in size until the anus can comfortably stretch to accommodate your ideal toy or member. The process pulls and rubs along the anal canal, shooting pleasure to your genitals and igniting every nerve ending.   

It's a fun and vital aspect of anal play. 

How to train for anal like a pro

Effective anal training techniques depend on your experience, body, and preferences. However, there are some general tips that can help get you prepped and ready in a flash. 

Get prepped

You'll need some supplies and basic practices to get started. First, make sure everything is clean and sanitized. This includes any fingers, underneath fingernails, clean toys, and a sanitary place to get down and dirty. 

If you like, you can douche and/or take an enema 4-48 hours before anal play. These steps aren't necessary, but some people feel more comfortable taking the extra step. Washing your hole and surrounding area with soap and water is perfectly acceptable. 

Lots of lube

You may have used lube during solo play or vaginal intercourse before. Anal play is a different ballgame. You'll likely need lots more anal lube and more regular applications. 

Remember, the vagina and penis produce a slick that works with lube to help reduce chafing. The backdoor hole doesn't, and there are plenty of folds and crevices that need a liberal application of lube. 

At the same time, you don't want to create an uncontrollable slip and slide. Instead, start with a moderate lube coating over the toy and a quarter-sized amount around/in the hole. Go slow and add more as needed. 

Time to train

Start with the smallest toy and insert it slowly. Different motions, gestures, and angles will feel more pleasurable, so get comfortable experimenting. 

If you're with a partner, remember to communicate. Not only is this intimate and exciting, but it will keep everyone safe and prevent tears. 

Once the small plug is edged into its full insertable length and can move around and stretch without pain, move up a plug size. You'll have the hole stretched and trained in no time. 

Are anal training kits worth it?

Anal play is a fulfilling, exciting sexual act with plenty of positions, toys, and methods to keep you cumming for ages. Thoughtful preparation is what allows you to enjoy anal sex fully. 

The anus can be delicate, and moving too fast can damage the anal canal, and at a minimum, you should clean the area and use lube. The best method is to start with fingers, working your way up to the butt plugs of various sizes. 

Training kits are designed to ideally stretch and pull, transitioning gently from one size to another. There's no jumping from vastly differently-sized plugs or dealing with uncomfortable materials. 

To truly stay safe and have the optimal experience, you'll need an anal training kit. 

Be your best bottom with help from Fleshlight

The best anal training kits are designed to give pleasurable rubbing sensations while safely preparing the hole for larger anal toys and members. At Fleshlight, our prep kits are lab-certified body-safe with a looped handle for easy retrieval. 

The three satin finish silicone butt plugs are fragrance and phthalate free and designed to last for years to come. We also offer other best-sellers like exciting anal plugs, anal bead-shaped wands, and anal sex toys for when your partner isn’t around. 

Fleshlight’s discreet shipping and superior service make our hypoallergenic silicone anal plugs the best in the business. Let our butt plug trainer pave the way for top-tier anal sex, no tears, no pain, and all the fun.