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Return of the Fleshlight Freaks Pt. 2

The Fleshlight Freaks are back!

In this article, we'll expand upon what we started in our part one post, showing you five additional Halloween-themed male masturbators, delivering you an overview of each one's unique, spooky orifice and wonderfully pleasing interior texture.

Available for a limited time only, these Freaks are a must for anyone, whether you're a novice or Fleshlight connoisseur. 

The Twisted Sisters Fleshlight

It's Halloween night and you've just left a costume party with a little babe you recently met on a dating app.

Naturally, you've both had a few drinks, and when dropping her off at her place, she shyly invites you inside.

Things quickly get hot and heavy and before you know it you're pulling off her clothes, launching them in all directions.

She's on her back, breathing heavily, as you slowly roll down her panties, and what you find takes your breath away–a combination of both terror and erotic delight. 

You've never seen anything like this before…

Fleshlight Twisted Sisters

Two perfect pussies stuck together, leading into one slim, erotic, stimulating chamber. 

As you penetrate her, your member passes through a series of diamond ridges, love discs, and dense pleasure bumps. 

Fleshlight Twisted Sister Texture

Between each chamber, your shaft will come into contact with narrow passageways designed to stroke and suck you until your climax. 

You've never experienced anything like this before – get your Twisted Sisters Fleshlight here!

The Zombie Fleshlight 

While most zombies want to eat your brains, (luckily) this little zombie hottie wants to fuck your brains out. 

While an intimate interaction with a lady Zombie might seem a bit risky, take one look at her inviting lips and see if you can resist. 

Fleshlight Zombie

Made with our patented SuperSkin material in amazing detail, your dead nights will now be very much alive.

Fleshlight Zombie Texture

Slide in between her slender slit and feel its narrow, ribbed canal, densely lined with a bumpy texture and lotus node centerpiece graze your cock with every thrust.

Don't let this sex toy pass you by – get yours here!

The Zombie Mouth Fleshlight 

One look at her mangled mouth, and you'd never guess it, but this zombie babe knows how to suck a dick. 

Fleshlight Zombie Mouth

The Zombie Mouth Fleshlight comes with a gnarly-toothed orifice and a tight and tantalizing deep-throating interior texture. This grill might appear in worse shape than a meth addict from Breaking Bad but don't be fooled; pure blowjob bliss awaits you inside. 

Fleshlight Zombie Mouth TextureAs you slide inside, its tight ribbed "mouth" entrance pulls you inward, deeper towards its "throat." Due to its strategically placed air pocket slit, this Freak provides suction resembling an A+ blowjob, the likes of which are a rarity in the real world. 

Have no fear; the Zombie Mouth is here (for a limited time). 

Shop yours today!

The Drac Fleshlight

Take a flight with the dark side with the Drac Fleshlight. Finally, you can now have what the realm of living has been missing out on for centuries. 

Fleshlight Drac

Lady Dracula's elegant winged labia combined with an ultra-alluring narrow slit is unlike any other Fleshlight. To experience her fully, slide your rigid member in between her ruby red lips and relish in her firm embrace.

Fleshlight Drac Texture

Drac's interior texture is designed with a thick singular rib, which spirals throughout the entire insert. In addition, large round bumps are situated strategically throughout this texture to provide maximum gripping and stimulation.

It's time to give in and let Drac make you feel immortal; shop her Fleshlight here!

The Frankenstein Fleshlight

Prepare to holler "It's alive!" because after experiencing the realistic sensation of this abhorred monster's snug pussy, you'll be sure it's the real thing.

Fleshlight Frankenstein

Despite the admittedly strange outward appearance, the lady Frankenstein is a Fleshlight Freak that demands your attention.  

Push in between her green lips and experience a satisfying penetration sensation followed by a lotus node and a diverse array of textures.

Fleshlight Frankenstein Texture

Behind the lotus node is a wide chamber with a series of flat bumps inside. As you come to its end, the canal tightens again, with a surface covered by four zigzagging seams stretching until the end of this sex toy. 

You know you want it – get your Frankenstein Freak Fleshlight here.

The Bigfoot Fleshlight

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be pleasured by a hairy, massive, bipedal ape-woman? 

Maybe not… But, we've been wrong before.

Regardless, this is the chance of a lifetime–an opportunity to be taken for a wild ride by the hot and horny offspring of the mythical Bigfoot!

Fleshlight Bigfoot

Push through her wavy, full-lipped labia and feel the interior enhanced protruding pleasure beads caress you relentlessly. 

Fleshlight Bigfoot Texture

Simply put, the lady Bigfoot Fleshlight is designed to deliver you BIG orgasms time and again. 

Enter if you dare... Get yours today!

The Alien Queen Fleshlight

If you've ever fantasized about interstellar intercourse, you might not be satisfied with just a run-of-the-mill alien girl to satisfy your needs–you need a QUEEN! 

The Alien Queen Fleshlight's petite, inviting green lips were designed to engulf your manhood and push you to orgasm at the speed of light.

Fleshlight ALien Queen

As you slide between her welcoming labia, you'll feel Alien Queen's intense interior texture stroke your manhood. Tight and diverse, the Alien Queen maintains a consistent snugness throughout while its variety of discs, jagged ridges, and cones push you to your limits.

Fleshlight Alien Queen Texture

Treat yourself to this truly out-of-this-world sensation today – shop your Alien Queen here!

With that, we conclude our 2022 Return of the Freaks overview. Don't forget that these monstrous pussies are available for a limited time. Add one (or all) to your Fleshlight collection today!

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