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Whether you travel for work or pleasure, you might think that you need to leave your toys behind. You don't want to risk forgetting one in your hotel room or having an awkward encounter with a hotel clerk or TSA agent. Thanks to Fleshlight, you can now bring all your favorite toys with you, no matter why or where you travel. You can easily hide a Fleshlight in your bag that is so discreet that you'll be sure to enjoy your privacy with your pleasure.

Good Things Come in Discreet Packages

One reason why it's so easy to travel with portable Fleshlights is because these toys come in discreet cases that hide the toy away from prying eyes. Even your own family won't know what you tossed in your bag. The Quickshot Boost is one of the toys that proves good things really do come in small packages. In addition to its sleek black case, it also comes in a size that makes it less than half the size of a standard Fleshlight. Don't let that small size fool you though. This toy packs quite a punch. Each end has all the cushioning and textures that you need to put you in the right frame of mind for traveling. You can use either side on your own or with a partner.

Ramp Up the Fun With a Package Set

What could possibly be better than a single toy? How about a package that comes with everything you need to relax after a rough flight? Portable Fleshlights are available in packs and sets that come with more than just a simple toy. One you might love is the Quickshot Vantage Pack. Not only do you get the Quickshot Vantage, which has a clear design for better visibility, but you also get a bottle of Fleshwash and one bottle of Fleshlube Water. The wash helps you keep your toy clean on extended trips, while the lube creates the intoxicating and slippery feeling that you desire.

Don't Forget the Lube

While you can quickly and easily hide a Fleshlight in your suitcase, don't forget to bring along some lube for the ride. You can use lube with your favorite toy or when you find someone you want to play with in person while on vacation. Fleshlight Fire will make all your parts tingle in exactly the right way and can extend your lasting power too. This lube creates an intense warming sensation when applied. Fleshlight Ice is perfect for guys who want to cool off. It creates a bolder and icier feeling that can make you feel like the king of the mountain.

With portable Fleshlights, you no longer need to miss your toys when traveling for work or pleasure. You can take all your favorites with you on bus trips, car rides and even flights.

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