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Fleshlight’s best-selling, versatile sex toys for women are designed to please. Interested in a suction toy, a magic wand for intense fun, or a dual-stimulation body massager? We have all the best sex toys for women, guaranteed to hit all your erogenous zones for complete sexual wellness. Made of the highest quality materials, including body-safe silicone, our ergonomic toys are everything a woman wants.

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Why use sex toys?

Fingers are fun, and partner play can drive you wild, but sometimes you want to get yourself off with some real power. Sex toys can simulate vaginal sex, anal sex, and oral sex, adding toe-tingling powerful vibrations like nothing you've had before.  

The right toy will enhance solo play (hello, orgasms) and be fun to bring to the bedroom with a partner. Feel the excitement and anticipation as you experiment with your new couple’s vibrator and show your partner just how you like it.  

The best sex toys offer freedom from the monotony of masturbation and let you switch up your self-care routine, delivering superior orgasms at the same time. 

Types of sex toys for women

There are a wide variety of toys that women can choose from for both solo play or with a partner. Many sex toys have specific purposes and specialties, so it’s important to consider what you’re looking for before purchasing. 

Here are some of the most popular options:

  • Vibrators – These toys are really a whole new world of clitoral stimulation. Vibration toys can come in many forms, such as wand vibrators, suction, finger or palm, rabbit vibrator, remote control, rechargeable, wearable bullet vibrator, and more. Many of these toys have different vibration settings and vibration modes, allowing you or a partner to control the power and speed. 
  • Butt plugs – Made for stellar anal play, these toys come in a variety of shapes and sides. Some are meant for just rimming, some for anal training, and others for deep penetration. If you're an anal beginner, consider starting small and working your way up to the big plugs. 
  • Dildos – The sex toy go-to is the classic dildo. Nowadays, these fantastic toys come with enhancements like realistic, glass, strap-on, dual ends, and more. You can feel the stretch and pull of a G-Spot vibrator dildo or lube up for the icy pleasure of a glass member. 
  • Attachments The sex toy attachments allow you to customize your toy for ultimate enjoyment. A suction cup base added to a dildo will let you enjoy some hands-free, solo-pleasure time in the shower. A grip attachment allows for easy handling, better clitoris stimulation, and better partner involvement.  

Picking out a sex toy is a personal process that comes down to preference and feel. You may adore a remote control vibrator with rumbly vibrations, while another woman may turn to their best rabbit vibrator for vulva stimulation. Try exploring your options, and you may be surprised to discover what really gets you going. 

What to consider when buying a sex toy

Bringing home a sex toy is an exciting process, but there are some things you should consider before clicking that checkout button. Here are some questions to ask yourself when picking out your new bedside friend: 

Ask yourself how you hope to actually use the toy 

  • Do you have an idea of the type of stimulation and pleasure you want to experience? The answer will help narrow down the toys that will best meet your needs. Consider the areas of your body you want to enjoy or the genre of partner play you're looking forward to. 

What type of toy do you want? 

  • Are you aiming for external stimulation of sensitive areas, like with a clitoral vibrator, or do you definitely know you want an insertable toy for G-spot stimulation or anal play?

What is the toy made to do? 

  • Do the size and shape work for you? How many intensity and vibration pattern settings does it have? You may want a toy that can start slow and small and build intensity as you adapt. Or maybe you're interested in a powerhouse device that can get you going in a heartbeat. 

Is your toy body-safe? 

You'll want to choose devices made of sanitizable, non-porous materials like medical-grade silicone, stainless steel, and borosilicate glass. If it’s USB rechargeable, is the insert in a safe place on the toy? Is it water-resistant or waterproof? Not all toys are the same, and going with a knockoff or low-bar device could result in unsafe play. 

  • Are you ready to learn how to use the toy?
  • Not all toys are intuitive. Sex toys for women can stimulate, suck, vibrate, stretch, and tug. You may be unused to some sensations and need some practice before discovering what works for you. Think about whether you're excited to put in the time for exploration with your particular toy selection. 

You’ll also need to pick up a few accessories when buying a sex toy. You may need a water-based lubricant that mimics natural wetness for safe and pleasurable internal stimulation. You also may want an extra charger or batteries for convenience when battery life is low. 

Whether you go with a suction vibrator with high-intensity levels, a finger vibrator with maddening pulsation, or a panty vibrator that thrills, your sex life will never be the same. 

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