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More Info about Fleshlight's Go

When you're on the road, do you miss your hottest solo sessions? Fleshlight offers a line of products that is designed to put an end to sexual frustration whether you're taking a road trip, enjoying bus or train travel or boarding a plane. It's called Fleshlight Go, and you can enjoy two powerful sleeve inserts that come in a range of options, the Torque and the Surge. You'll be delighted to know that both styles can overwhelm you with sheer ecstasy. All you have to do is squeeze yourself deep inside the tight orifice and thrust for your pleasure. Once you're inside, you're not going to want to pull out until you let go. The textured interior of each Fleshlight Go is extremely soft and lifelike, designed with bumps and ridges to give you truly intense pleasure. Both sleeves are designed to be discreetly packed and yield a completely unique experience that can't be forgotten.

Unload Whenever and Wherever You Desire

The Fleshlight Go is a light sex toy that you can use with complete ease. Why wait to pleasure yourself? The Go will always be ready for you, and you don't have to worry about it drawing unnecessary attention from others whether you're going through airport security or unpacking with your friends. The best Fleshlight Go toys are discreetly designed to slip easily into a backpack, suitcase or duffel bag without adding a lot of excess weight to your luggage. They do add extra power to your pleasure!

Accentuate Your Sex Toy Collection

If you've always wanted a convenient way to engage in some solo action, this product is for you. Your collection will be complete whether you choose the Surge Lady or the Torque Ice. We have a traveler's package for both styles, and you can rest assured that the packages come fully equipped with everything you need to have a blast. Enjoy your pleasure on the go with extra-slippery fun courtesy of our specially developed Fleshlube. Our travelers' packages come complete with Fleshlube water, for natural pleasure, as well as our special Fire and Ice lubes for warming and cooling sensations that ramp up your pleasure with every thrust.

The Fun Will Never Come to an End

These Fleshlight toys are built to serve your sexual needs for years to come on the road and at home. There's no reason to turn down the intensity of your sex drive. Turn it up - the Go is definitely up to the challenge. You can even enjoy the unique features of the Torque Ice, a transparent toy that lets you watch all the action from start to finish. For even more fun, you can add some accessories like the LaunchPAD device for even more fun on the go.