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The Ultimate Fleshlight Review

The act of masturbation, a natural part of one’s life, is revered at Fleshlight. The Classic Fleshlight is the original masturbatory aid for men. It’s a device that looks like an oversized flashlight when it’s not in use. That means it can be discreetly hidden or even left on display without anyone knowing its contents. However, remove the lid and it becomes a toy that gives you the opportunity to achieve unimaginable gratification.

    The inner sleeve, where all the action takes place, is made of a pink, flesh-like material and is available in a vulva, butt, or mouth orifice, covering all the bases for the sexually active male. If you’re a fan of conventional sex, the Lady orifice will get you there. If you’re more of a butt man, the Butt orifice will let you simulate anal sex. If you’re into fellatio, the Mouth orifice is for you.

    When it comes to sex, guys make themselves feel good in various ways. When you read some of these Classic Fleshlight reviews, you’ll see how this enjoyment is bumped up a notch. It’s one thing to masturbate, but it’s quite another to self-pleasure with a device that feels like you’re inserting your member into the real thing. The flesh-like substance is achieved with the use of the patented Real Feel SuperSkin, a nontoxic and phthalate-free material that is designed to provide "the most realistic intercourse simulation known to man." Masturbation can become not only a fun thing to do but also a way to test your endurance and experiment with new techniques.

    Celebrating sex also means practicing it safely. The Classic Fleshlights give you an alternative to alleviate the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. When you play with a Fleshlight, you never have to worry about STDs. Also, because the device is safe, you never have to worry about skin irritation.

    Finally, some men have partners, but other men choose to go it alone or haven’t found a companion. The Classic Fleshlights give men an option that can bring an immense amount of joy, and the toys are user-friendly, easy to clean, and completely safe.

    Get Started With the Classic Pink Lady

    You know the feel of a woman’s most intimate region. It’s uniquely designed for a man to explore. The Classic Pink Lady gives you the opportunity to pleasure yourself while experiencing a lady’s soft and sensuous vulva, and all of this can be accomplished with this Lady orifice. It adds a whole new dimension to masturbation where you can share your private time with your favorite female in mind. No matter who she is, you can bring your dream girl into your own world.

    The tip of the Lady orifice is in the shape of a soft, inviting pink vulva. Insert your length into the vulva, and you’re greeted with a textured sleeve. The sleeve is the basic version, and it’s perfect for males who are more sensitive or for guys who want to last as long as possible before they climax.

    The first thing you’ll notice about the original sleeve is that it’s completely smooth. The point of the sleeve is to simulate a woman’s private parts, including her inviting canal, and the comparison is realistic enough to bring a man to the sexual heights he desires. Because the canal is smooth, you can get into continuous pumping action without climaxing faster than you would like. There’s also a pleasant suction effect that can happen as you play with this toy. Just twist the base at the end of the Fleshlight to control the level of suction. Whether it be a little or a lot, you get to decide how far you want to go.

    The Classic Pink Lady is approximately 8.5 inches in length, which is long enough for even the biggest men, and it’s all kept in a black, hard plastic case that resembles an oversized flashlight. The case is approximately 10 inches in length.

    The Classic Pink Lady is especially ideal for initiating men to the Fleshlight family. Originally, masturbation meant pumping with one’s hand, but as one Fleshlight reviewer says, this toy is so much better than that.

    One of the things Fleshlight focuses on is quality, and when you focus on quality, you get what you pay for. In fact, one Fleshlight review notes that purchasing a Fleshlight is a good investment that truly stands the test of time. This is a pocket pussy that not only gives satisfaction but will also last for years and years with proper maintenance.

    Another Fleshlight review gives kudos for Fleshlight’s shipping speed. The user indicates that the shipping speed is "extremely timely." The Fleshlight Classic Pink Lady is an exciting toy that few men will want to wait long for. Fleshlight ships Monday through Friday, and express shipping is also available.

    Some Fleshlight reviews rave about how great it is to have an alternative to having sex with a partner. One customer reveals that he is lonely but that the Fleshlight Lady not only takes care of the lack of a partner but is also a step above masturbation. It's not hard to see how some men would consider the Fleshlight to be more than just a way to masturbate. Because of the simulation of the feel of a woman’s most inner private parts, it really does feel like you’re in bed with a gorgeous woman.

    Another Fleshlight reviewer remarks that the device is not just for guys who are single. The customer, a female, says that she bought the toy for her boyfriend for when the two of them cannot be together.

    To expand on what it means to be part of a couple, it’s important to note that some men are chastised for how they perform in the bedroom. Many men can relate to the experience of not being able to satisfy a woman the way that the woman wants. In his Fleshlight review, one user notes that using the Fleshlight means that he doesn’t have to hear about how bad he is in the bedroom.

    However, there is another user who highlights how the Classic Pink Lady is helping him improve his performance. Many men want to have the best performance possible with a woman, and the Classic Fleshlight can help with stamina and performance in ways that weren’t possible before.

    Continue the Fun With the Classic Pink Butt

    Most men will agree that exploring the gentle feel and curves of a woman’s vagina is not the only enjoyable part of sex. As they say, variety is the spice of life, and the backdoor can be just as exciting as the front. For men who desire variety when they pleasure themselves with a Fleshlight, the Butt orifice can spice things up even more.

    Who would have ever thought that a man could get the joys of anal sex while pleasuring himself? It is possible with the Classic Pink Butt.

    Anal sex is a different experience than conventional sex. The Classic Pink Butt grips your shaft as if you were pushing it into the welcoming backside of a woman. It’s pink in color, just like the Classic Pink Lady, and it is also enclosed in the black plastic case that looks like a flashlight.

    When you slide in, you’ll be greeted with the original textured sleeve that is perfect for experienced Fleshlight users, those who want to last long, and men who are being introduced to the Fleshlight line of masturbatory aids.

    The entry point of this Classic Pink Butt is small and tight, which adds to the thrill when you are working with the toy for the first time, just like when you are having anal sex with a woman for the first time. As one Fleshlight review remarked, "tight" is what anal sex lovers want. There’s some skill involved in anal sex, and the Fleshlight toy will give you lots of practice if you’ve never had anal sex with a woman or you just want to brush up on your skills.

    Don’t forget that anal sex is best enjoyed with a nice lube. A silicone or oil-based lube may damage the material of a Fleshlight, but Fleshlight’s lubes are specially formulated to give you all you need for some pleasurable anal sex. The Elements Pack gives you an 8-ounce trio of lubes made with high-quality medical-grade ingredients. There’s Water, which provides you with a silky-smooth experience as you insert your member into the inviting hole. Fire incorporates a mixture that warms immediately on contact. Ice gives you a cooling, tingling sensation. None of these will harm your Classic Pink Butt, making them a perfect companion for your fun times. With the Elements Pack, it will be a long time before you run out of lube as one Fleshlight review reports.

    One man’s Fleshlight review notes that the Butt toy i’s a great toy to use when he is out of town and away from his girl, but he also indicates that it’s an excellent boost to the "sexcapades" between him and his partner when they are with each other.

    Many married men use the Classic Pink Butt as a masturbatory toy. In fact, one user notes how lifelike the product feels and how it feels just as good as his wife’s derriere.

    Using the Classic Pink Butt alleviates any worries that may be involved when experiencing anal sex with a new partner for the first time. As one Fleshlight reviewer says, "You know where it’s been."

    Conclude With the Classic Pink Mouth

    There’s another classic Fleshlight that you can add to your collection, and that’s the Classic Pink Mouth. Fleshlight has already made it possible for you to satisfy your wildest desires while masturbating. They’ve opened up entirely new horizons that let you feel what it’s like to be with a woman whether in your bed, in your shower, or wherever else you choose to masturbate. Fleshlight gives you the opportunity to plunge deep into a vulva or a butt, but you can also get the best blowjob of your life, all by yourself, with the Classic Pink Mouth. Are you into deep-throat fantasies, for example? This toy can bring that fantasy to life. However, a toy will not seem lifelike unless it’s constructed to feel natural. One Fleshlight review says that the Classic Pink Mouth is especially realistic when it’s in use.

    Soft, firm lips greet you at the tip of this toy, which is enclosed in the black protective covering that resembles a flashlight. Push your shaft inside just a little or plunge it in a whole lot. You’re in control. You control the depth, and you control the suction with that nob at the end of your Fleshlight. As with the other toys, the insertable original textured sleeve is approximately 8.5 inches, big enough for most men.

    There really is a lot you can do with the Classic Pink Mouth. It not only replicates a blowjob, but it does so in a user-friendly way. One Fleshlight review states that the Classic Pink Mouth is easy to use, and all you have to do is apply lube and pump away. In fact, one of the things that Fleshlight focuses on is making it as easy as possible for men to get busy satisfying their sexual needs with the variety of toys. You may find yourself addicted. As one guy confessed in his Fleshlight review, he uses the Classic Pink Mouth five to six times a week and sometimes multiple times a day.

    Getting a satisfying blowjob is fun for a large number of men, and with Fleshlight’s Classic Pink Mouth, a man does not have to worry about having a partner to accomplish it. In fact, in one Fleshlight review, the user writes that after splitting with his ex, the toy took care of his sexual needs. A man never has to sacrifice an enjoyable erotic experience just because he doesn’t have a partner to do it with. A Classic Fleshlight is always here when you need it.

    One of the best traits of the Classic Pink Mouth is the glorious result that can be achieved. One Fleshlight reviewer expresses that the realistic toy made him come harder than ever before. In fact, the toy is so exciting that one user called the toy his "best friend."

    Don’t Forget to Maintain Your Classic Fleshlight

    Maintenance is important to keep your Classic Fleshlight in working order for years to come. After you explode in ecstasy, cleanup is easy with the So Fresh and So Clean Pack. Remember that one of the goals of Fleshlight is to offer you products that are user-friendly. As one Fleshlight review noted, Fleshwash and Fleshlight Renewing Powder are the only products you need to keep your toys like new. Another Fleshlight review mentioned that the products are well worth the money. Begin by rinsing out the removable sleeve with a bit of warm water after each use. Then, all you have to do is spray Fleshwash inside the sleeve and outside the sleeve. The spray is so effective that one Fleshlight review called it a lifesaver because the need for cloths is eliminated. Let your sleeve air-dry overnight, and you’re all set for your next adventure.

    In addition to washing your toy, you’ll want to maintain its suppleness and elasticity with the Fleshlight Renewing Powder. In fact, one customer in his Fleshlight review revealed that he noticed a big difference between his toy that had the powder applied and his toy that did not have the powder applied. After washing and air-drying your sleeve, just take the powder and coat the sleeve. Reinsert the sleeve inside the case, and you’re ready for your next romp. After using the powder, your Fleshlight will feel like "velvet," according to one customer.

    It’s easy to see why the original Fleshlight is a great place to start. Never before have men had as many options for masturbation as they do in the 21st century. It’s become an exciting new world where every man can experience sexual excitement without any of the worry or concern that was present in the past. A Fleshlight toy, such as the Classic Pink Lady, takes away the hassle of not having a partner. It also takes away the fear of poor performance or being judged harshly by a partner. With three orifices to choose from - pussy, butt, and mouth - a man always has the variety he seeks in an easy-to-use format. Use the Classic Fleshlight as a toy during masturbation, utilize it as a stamina training device, or play with it during intercourse with your partner. The possibilities are endless with a Fleshlight.

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