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The Fleshlight Girl Molding Process: Step-By-Step

At Fleshlight, we're asked dozens of times per year something along the lines of... 

"So, how exactly do you guys create exact replicas of a pornstar' know, 'private parts'? How does that work?"

The "molding process," as we often call it, has undergone a variety of changes since the inception of the original Fleshlight, to be sure. 

In today's article, for simplicity's sake, we'll describe both the "traditional" molding procedure as well as the new digital scanning process that we currently implement with our latest adult stars. By the end, you'll have a big-picture idea of how it all works. 

And, in case you were wondering, we will be giving you a rundown of both the female and male anatomy replication process - vagina, butt, and yes, big ol', hard pornstar cock. 

You'll be surprised to learn that the processes are quite similar, functioning, for the most part, in the same way!

The Fleshlight Replication Process

Let's first start at the beginning and cover the traditional molding process that we've been implementing since the first Fleshlight Girl replication that took place over 20 years ago.

Step #1: Molding Preparation

Fleshlight Girl Preparation

After signing her contract, there isn’t much that a new Fleshlight Girl needs to do before arriving at our offices in Austin, Texas, besides cleanly shaving her lady parts. 

Once she's in our molding studio, we have her strip and lie down on a doctor’s exam table, where she's both comfortable and easily accessible for our molding specialist to access her pussy and butt.

The next step in the preparation process is for the soon-to-be Fleshlight Girl to stimulate her vagina, getting it nice and ready as if she was about to be pounded by Johnny Sins himself.


Why is this necessary? One reason is that this gets the blood flowing, allowing the clitoris to "pop," becoming more visible. By doing this, the end product's exterior looks as lifelike and sexually appealing as absolutely possible.

To do this, we have a vibrating wand on hand that the girls can apply to themselves for a few minutes while the molding technician is preparing for the next step. 

Fleshlight Guy & Fleshjack Boy Preparation

In case you’re not familiar with these two product lines, the Fleshlight Guys (dildo products only) are some of the best-known men featured in straight adult films; meanwhile, Fleshjack Boys consist of the hottest gay stars in the porn industry today.

For the Fleshjack Boys, when doing butt molds, we ask them for the same sanitary preparations that we do for our girls. Cleanliness and a clean-shaven surface are essential to getting accurate replications. 

However, when it comes to dildo molding, both Fleshjack Boys and Fleshlight Guys must physically and mentally prepare. Our male stars must remain erect for a full 15 minutes without touching themselves. 

As you might imagine, this is no easy feat.

At Fleshlight, we make sure to educate our male stars as well as possible in advance so that they arrive with both a plan and the right mindset. For example, we might tell them something along the lines of this:

"Imagine, once you arrive, you're going to walk into a cold, clinical environment where you're going to have a Fleshlight molding specialist across from you with latex gloves on. There is nothing sexy or stimulating about this scenario. Do your best to prepare yourself mentally (and physically) beforehand."

As you might have assumed, over the years, on more than one occasion, there have been a few notable "incidents" where an on-command erection wasn't going to happen. 

Since then, we've recommended our male models do whatever it takes to get hard and stay hard for the procedure. Just use your imagination - if you can picture it, we've probably had a model do it!

Step #2: Measurements & Photography

Once our soon-to-be Fleshlight Girls, Guys, and Boys are fully “ready to go” it’s time for measurements and photography.

The process is fairly straightforward. Our Fleshlight technicians take a series of photos and measurements to serve as a reference and thus ensuring accuracy during production. Our goal is to strive for replication as true to size and appearance as absolutely possible.


In the next step, we will tell you all about the molding process that typically comes immediately after.

Step #3: Molding

The Fleshlight Girls

Once our soon-to-be Fleshlight Girl is fully undressed, laid back, and ready to go, it's time to initiate the molding process. 

We use a special "green goo" silicone substance often used in the Special Effects industry for modern movies. This offers the best and most accurate and tangible representation of the orifice.


We apply the thick green silicone-like substance to the orifice we want to replicate with our girl naked and ready to go. 

This life-casting concoction (made primarily of platinum and silicone) is prepared beforehand by our experienced technicians and is directly applied on whichever surface we need an exact likeness. That area is then covered by a hardening agent to help the silicone “goo” solidify and maintain the mold. 

Click here to see a video of the molding process. 

The Fleshlight Guys & Fleshjack Boys

With our Fleshjack Boys, when molding their backdoor entrance, the green silicone process is also used. Almost nothing changes. 

However, when it comes to replicating their cocks, the dildo molding process is a bit different. 

Once erect, either our Fleshlight Guy or Fleshjack Boy is asked to take their erect penis and slide it into a canister with our pre-prepared molding goo ready.

This material hardens after about 15 minutes after which they can then pull out. Once cracked open, there is a highly detailed erect penis imprint on full display.

Step #4: Digital Scanning

Amazingly, due to modern digital scanning technology, traditional molding is no longer a mandatory step in the replication process for Fleshlight Girl, Fleshlight Guy, and Fleshjack Boy products as of 2020.

While it can still be beneficial to have a "hard copy" replication, the digital scan is a lot less messy, takes less time, and is extremely accurate in its own right.

During the digital scanning process, our technician strategically and carefully runs a scanning device over the orifice to be later replicated in our Fleshlight factory. There, on his laptop, a 3-D model of the pornstar's anatomy gradually appears on the screen. 

This data is stored and later combined with photos, measurements, and (if we choose to do it) an official molding to create the Fleshlight replica products you know and love. 

Step #5: Sculpting

Once we have the mold (optional), measurements, photos, and 3-D scan, it is now time for the "sculpting" phase. The sculptor essentially puts everything together to create a highly detailed and accurate replica of whichever orifice we want to emulate.

What Comes Next in the Fleshlight Production Process?

Afterward, this sculpture is molded and 3-D scanned to produce molds using our patented SuperSkin material in our Fleshlight factory.

These production molds, once created, are life-casted, hand-polished, and detailed. Finally, the Fleshlight Girl (also Fleshjack Boy and Fleshlight Guy) signatures are engraved by hand. 

We sincerely hope you've enjoyed this inside look into Fleshlight studios, where fantasy meets reality. Without you, our loyal customers, none of this would be possible. Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes articles just like this later this year. 

Until then, happy stroking! 

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