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Fuck Like a Pornstar with Violet Myers

Welcome to a new segment of "Fuck Like a Pornstar," where we chat with one of our Fleshlight Girls about all things sex.  

In our one-on-one interview, we discuss everything from on-camera porn sex to their sexual preferences behind closed doors in their personal lives. Think of this as a "backstage pass" to your favorite pornstar's bedroom. 

In today's article, we chat with one of our newest Fleshlight Girls, the beautiful and busty Violet Myers. 

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Let's get started!

Fuck Like a Pornstar with Violet Myers

To get started, can you share your favorite sexual position?  

My favorite sexual position is doggy. Face down, ass up! I love that position, especially when a finger goes in my butt. 

Many guys are always looking for the best techniques to get their girls off. What is the best way to make you cum?

I would say the best technique to make any woman cum is first to know what she likes. It doesn't hurt to ask what makes her cum so you can add that to the bedroom.  

The best way I cum is with a vibrator while having sex. That's what makes me the wettest. 

What tricks have some of the talent you have worked with used to last longer in bed?

The main trick my male co-workers use is edging! That helps a lot, so you don't cum as fast. Also, smacking your dick when you feel like you're about to cum helps. 

What is the best toy a guy can bring into the bedroom to heighten the sexual experience?

The best toy that a guy can bring into the bedroom is a vibrator. That helps stimulate the clit and can make her vagina tighter because she's gripping to cum. 

This works on me all the time. 

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What is one thing you do in your scenes that you would never do (or prefer not to do) in your private life?

One thing I don't like to do in my personal life is reverse riding. Reverse riding for those who don't know, is riding but frontwards instead of face to face. 

That position is so uncomfortable and not the most flattering for me, so I skip that in my personal life. 

In porn, it's common for the guy to finish on your face, mouth, or chest – what do you like in your private life? Also, what do you recommend men try in their sex life?

What I like to do in my personal life is butt cum shot or cream pie – I love cream pies! 

What I recommend to men is probably the tit shot. That's so hot, especially when you can see the cum dripping down. 

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What kind of dirty talk gets you going? Can you give us an example?

The type of dirty talk that really gets me is knowing how good I'm taking the dick or when a guy is moaning in my ear. So hot!

What recommendation do you have for guys when it comes to "getting rough" in the bedroom? What's hot and what's not?

What I can recommend to guys in terms of "getting rough" is communicating with your partner what they consider rough. 

For example, I would say that "rough" is putting hands in my mouth and choking me lightly with slow strokes; that makes me wet! 

But again, it's always up to your partner, especially if you want to please them. 

Do you have an experience where someone did something unexpected in bed that you really enjoyed?

An experience I had was while in missionary, I was getting fucked nice and slow, and the guy put my toes in his mouth. He started sucking them while making eye contact; that was such a great experience because my feet never get the love they deserve. 

And with that, we come to the end of this month's segment of "Fuck Like a Pornstar." 

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