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Dating Advice with Maitland Ward

Welcome back to a brand new segment of Dating Advice. In today's feature, we connect with mainstream star turned porn MILF goddess: Maitland Ward. In our interview, Maitland, a married woman, shares her best advice on dating in this day and age. 

Keep reading to find out what she has to say and level up your dating game!

First, who is Maitland Ward? 

If you've read previous segments of FleshLife, you likely know a little about her, but if not, you'll find her story fascinating. Maitland Known has a porn origin story unlike any other. 


Early in her career, Maitland starred in the hit television show Boy Meets World and later went on to play a significant role in the popular soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. Occasionally picking up new parts, Maitland later found herself in White Chicks, a hit comedy film, where she played the iconic ditsy blonde "Britanny." Suffice it to say, Maitland Ward had a solid career performing for audiences long before ever venturing into the world of x-rated entertainment.

Fully typecast as both sweet and innocent, Maitland knew it was time to transform her image. Her first step was enhancing her breasts from modest A-cups to 34DDD. Then, in 2013, Ward began posting nude and topless photos of herself on Snapchat, gaining an entirely different type of fanbase in the process.

Maitland entered into the adult industry in 2019 as the newest face of There, she began working with some of the most high-profile stars in the industry, such as Keiran Lee, Manuel Ferrara, Markus Dupree, and fellow Fleshlight Girl Riley Reid. 

Dating Advice with Maitland Ward

So, when it comes to the dating game, what recommendations does Maitland have for us? Check out the video below, or simply keep reading to find out! 

Dating Advice Tip #1

First off, I think your personality should shine through; you know whoever you are, be confident in that, and allow the other person to see who you really are. 


I think, especially with dating apps and everything, people can be phony. Just make sure you are yourself, and you are funny. 

I love somebody who makes me laugh, so make me laugh, but don't be obnoxious. 

Dating Advice Tip #2

Don't eat anything uncomfortable if you're on a dinner date. If you're getting tacos, it's going to end up all over your face and your tits. Now, maybe you want it on your tits because you have ample ones. 


But I don't know; I don't think it's a good look, so get something you know that you can be conversational while you do it, so you're not spilling all over your chin. And nobody wants a greasy, drippy chin... until maybe later (laugher).

Dating Advice Tip #3

Just take a shower before your date. Don't be dirty. I know you came straight from the gym, and you want to be all pumped up and look good. But guys, that sweat isn't good until later. 

I don't know what other tips I have. Just have fun! We live in such a serious world now. Just get out there and explore and laugh as much as you can–with your mask on. 

Thank you for tuning in to this segment of FleshLife. Don't forget to explore Mrs. Ward's incredible fan-favorite Fleshlights: Toy Meets World and Tight Chicks. 

Thank you for tuning into this edition of "Dating Advice" with Maitland Ward. Until next time!

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