10 Craziest Spots People Have Had Sex

In honor of the thrill-seeking American couple that busted for banging on a Las Vegas Ferris Wheel this past week, we’re bringing you these brow-raisers.

1. A Ferris Wheel.

Banging on carnival rides is not okay, says the law. A couple reportedly found themselves in jail after they were caught fornicating on Las Vegas’ infamous High Roller Ferris Wheel. According to KSNV News, 27-year-old Philip Frank Panzica III and his lady friend Chloe Scordianos, 21, got intimate on the popular tourist attraction in broad daylight this past Friday. Passers-by apparently tried their hand at low-key amateur porn on their cell phone cameras.

2. At Church, During A Wedding.

In some religions sex is considered a form of worship, but that’s probably not the way this Salt Lake City Sacred Heart Catholic Church saw it. A couple was sprung getting it on outside the stone walls while a wedding took place, according to KTLA.  These revelers weren’t the first, however; another couple busted into a New York church a few years back to do the deed for a competition run by a couple of radio jockeys who later had to find new jobs.

3. Atop A Crane.

A couple in Charlotte was accused of having sex atop a crane. Like, actual construction equipment. The witnessing officer says he sprung the pair emerging unclothed from atop the city machinery in front of a slew of passers-by, according to a local NBC report. Oh, but these guys flat-out denied the death-defying incident.

4. In Court.

This one is fun, seeing as sex in public is technically illegal in most jurisdictions. A couple decided to fast-track their prosecution by getting intimate literally inside an Italian courthouse. A nearby murder trial had to be paused so the noisy incident could be investigated by court security.

5. On the Train Tracks.

Warning: this one has an unhappy ending. A couple in South Africa had opted to have private time on a very public train track, according to The Daily Mail. When the train conductor honked his horn, instead of paying attention to the warning they carried on, and subsequently got run over and killed. It’s times like these we advise the use of a Fleshlight, and more prudent choice of location.

6. On Ancient Fort Ruins.

Back in the day it was probably used for knights to shout warnings about incoming enemies, but one couple found another use for these ancient ruins in Newcastle, England. They found themselves a rather uncomfortable looking spot atop an old brick tower and got busy, not realizing they were being filmed. Footage of the incident was subsequently shared across the entire internet, which may or may not have been what they intended.

7. Specifically On Google Earth.

Getting photographed having sex by the Google Earth cameras is one way to go down in history. A happy-go-lucky Australian duo noticed the multinational tech company’s photographers hovering above and promptly parked their car, leaned over the back of it and waved as they banged their way to internet fame. Probably not erasable.

8. To The Left of an ATM.

Money is an aphrodisiac, but this is a bizarre manifestation. A couple was caught in the throes of lust on a concrete floor between an automatic teller machine and a wall, INSIDE A BANK. We’re not sure why even bothered wedging themselves into the tiny gap, as anyone depositing their weekly hundreds were blessed with a glance regardless.

9. On A Roof at USC.

Again with the high surfaces. A man and woman got quite naked and fornicated on the edge of a roof at the University of Southern California. The media went to town on this, and the man involved is said to have subsequently gone into hiding. Attention is perhaps something he should have considered before experimenting with exhibitionism.

10. Atop a VERY TALL Estonian Bridge.

This one gives us Humpty-Dumpty-esque stomach churns. How a couple avoided plummeting to their death whilst having sex ON THE VERY TOP OF A VERY TALL BRIDGE in Estonia is beyond us. Not just the bridge itself, but all the way up on the ROUNDED arch above the rocky surface below.

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