#WTF These 'Sexy' Costumes Make No Sense

#WTF These 'Sexy' Costumes Make No Sense

Andy McDonald & Katla McGlynn | The Huffington Post

There's nothing wrong with a "sexy" Halloween costume, but lately the term "sexy" has been used just a bit too loosely, especially in the case of commercially produced costumes.

When every option out there is Sexy This and Sexy That, eventually you run out of good ideas. We updated our original post to find even more costumes that someone thought needed to be inexplicably sexed up, even though they had no business doing so.

Killer Whale


Watch out, girl in a sexy seal costume!


Just ... what? Either you're a HUGE fan of corn, or you drew the shortest straw. Guessing the latter.

Olaf From 'Frozen'


We can definitely let this one go.

Body Bag



What would Ernie think? Wait, don't answer that.

More 'Sesame Street' Characters

A hairy blue monster from a children's show that eats nothing but cookies all day? SEXY.


'Biscuit Beast'

... Or if the REAL Cookie Monster is too sexy for you, there's always "Biscuit Beast."


Perhaps the person who thought this was a good idea ATE a lot of crayons as a child. That would make sense.



Okay, this is just numbers on a dress.

Taxi Driver

If you've seen a real taxi driver lately, chances are you don't fantasize about him wearing something like this.

Real Estate Agent

She'll sell you a house, and then ... give you some papers to sign.

Medical Marijuana Dispenser

That's it! EVERY profession has to be sexy now.

CSI Agent


Have you seen that show? The actors are already way hotter than any CSI in real life, so this just takes it even further. We can't see the benefit of wearing a skirt that high while collecting evidence.

French Fries

Sorry, Freedom Fries costume.


You're gonna get a lot of "toppings" jokes, just forewarning.


Ah, love the Biblically accurate high heels.


Dress the rainbow.

Grateful Dead Bear

Everything the Dead were all about probably.


You didn't have to make it sexy for us to find you.

Wednesday from 'The Addams Family'

Let's try to remember when we think up these "sexy" costumes, it's best if the character they're modeled after isn't an underage girl.



Oh come on, what peasant in the history of peasantry has EVER looked like that?

Miss Scissorhands

Yeah, disfigured mechanical scissor hands... SEXY.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

They couldn't be this sexy if they really lived in a sewer, ate nothing but pizza, and took orders from a giant rat.

Brian from 'Family Guy'

Oh yeah. They went there.

Freddy Krueger

We know there are generic sexy version of devils and witches and other "scary" costumes, but, really? You can't just put Freddy Krueger in a dress!



So ... strings totally attached, huh?

Sherlock Holmes

Or "sexy detective costume" if you will. We won'

Darth Vader

Aside from Princess Leia, no one from those movies should be that scantily clad.

Pizza Delivery Person

We had no idea pizza delivery could be so "glamorous."


Because who HASN'T dreamed of getting in the sack with a clown?


Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Not a sexy lady!

Oompa Loompa

Sorry ... "Factory Worker."


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