Tips for Dicks with Vina Sky

Tips for Dicks with Vina Sky

Let's face it - as a guy, it sometimes seems almost impossible to know what women want. That's why we began Tips for Dicks - a series of bite-sized insights into what some of the world's hottest and horniest women desire. 

In this brand-new segment of Tips for Dicks, we sit down with our newest Asian-American Fleshlight Girl, Vina Sky, for a one-on-one interview. In this article, Vina breaks down some of her top advice on all things related to men.

Let's begin!

First, Who is Vina Sky? 

If tiny, exotic Asian girls are what get you going, Vina Sky is a dream come true.

Easily recognizable by her petite, thin frame, tight little butt, and cherry blossom back tattoo, she has the young and sexy look that you've been lusting after.


Born in Houston, Texas, on March 14, 1999, Vina was raised in a traditional Vietnamese household. Throughout her youth, Vina's parents often struggled to keep her naughty behavior in check. 

Fresh out of high school, Vina had no interest in the cookie-cutter college route. Instead, Ms. Sky opted to get straight to work. In 2017 she began putting in hours at a local sex toy shop during the day while honing her porn skills, performing as a cam model at night. 

One year later, still working in the adult space, Vina began to investigate the next step in her career. Finally, after one fateful "How to Become a Pornstar" Google search, she was on a direct flight to Miami to film her first-ever adult scene. 

Within the first year of her career, Vina Sky worked with companies such as Cherry Pimps and Reality Kings. Today, Vina continues to shoot with some of the top studios in the adult industry, such as Jules Jordan Videos, Digital Sin, and Brazzers. 

Vina Sky's reasons for going into porn were aplenty, but there's one reason that lies at the core of this life-changing decision: "I love being able to make multiple people cum at the same time." Without question, this tight-bodied spinner does that often and with ease.

So, what are Vina's Tips for us “dicks?” Continue reading to see what she had to say in our exclusive interview.

Tips for Dicks with Vina Sky

Tip # 1 

My first tip would have to be hygiene. I definitely think hygiene is very important in general. I think you know to do the following:

  • Clean your dick.

  • Wash your dick.

  • Wash your balls.

  • Wash your ass, if you like being eaten down there...

I don't think men are as clean as girls. I mean, an asshole is an asshole, but it's like a jungle down there for guys sometimes. You just gotta keep it groomed.

Tip # 2

My second tip is about sex in general. 

I think a lot of guys who watch porn think that that's how you're supposed to fuck a girl. Just because sometimes I'm in full-nelson taking the biggest dick in porn in my ass, that doesn't mean your girlfriend wants to be put in full nelson taking a big dick in her ass, okay? 

It's definitely called porn for a reason, and it's fantasy. Not that I don't enjoy it, but you can't expect because you get off to it that your partner is going to get off to it.

Tip # 3

Just because you have eaten a girl out a certain way, maybe in a previous relationship – maybe you've seen that or just want to do that – I don't think that that works for everybody. 

So if your girl isn't getting off from the way you're eating her out, or you know you think that she can't come from you eating her out, trust me, there's been a lot of ways that I've come from someone eating me out that I never would think that I would have. Sometimes you just have to figure out their body.

This has been Tips for Dicks with Vina Sky. Don't miss out on her highly-reviewed Fleshlights "Vivacious" and "Exotica" today!

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