Tips for Dicks with Emily Willis

Tips for Dicks with Emily Willis

Welcome to a brand-new segment of Tips for Dicks where we sit down with one of our most beloved Fleshlight Girls, Emily Willis, for a one-on-one chat where she gives her best advice about all things dating and sex.

Let's face it - as a guy, it's often hard to know what women want. Tips for Dicks segments give you solid, straightforward insight from one of the sexiest (and horniest) ladies around.

Let's get started!

First, who is Emily Willis? 

Emily is your favorite "girl next door" and easily one of porn's most popular stars today. Born in Argentina and raised in a Mormon household in St. George, Utah, Emily is of an atypical pornstar background.

After graduating from high school a year early, she moved to San Diego and began doing door-to-door sales. It was here during this time when she started her career in the adult industry. 


In 2018, her boyfriend ran a well-known adult website called "Girls Do Porn," and he asked if she wanted to do a scene with him. And, as you might have assumed, Emily agreed to "give it a go." 

Despite her young age, Emily is already racking up prestigious accolades. She recently won "Best Anal Sex Scene" at the 2020 AVN Awards. In addition to being nominated as a female performer of the year for both AVN Awards and XBIZ Awards, she's also been Cherry of the Month, Twisty Treat of the Month, Penthouse Pet of the Month, Bang Babe, a Vixen Angel, and more!

Tips for Dicks with Emily Willis

So, what are Emily’s tips for “dicks” (the boys)? Check out our exclusive interview below-video or text-for more insight into what she had to say. 

Tip # 1 

"I would say really good hygiene. I love what a guy smells good... is washed down there and has good, fresh smelling breath. Nobody likes a stinky boy. Good hygiene is really important."

Tip # 2

"I think it's very important to always have your hands clean as well. And your nails short because when I'm getting fingered, I don't want long weird nails up inside me. 

So, cut your nails, fellas." 

Tip # 3

"Never forget about foreplay. I love being teased... like my neck. I love to make out, and it gets girls really turned on when you take your time and just really, like, embrace and worship girls before you start fucking."

Tip # 4 

"Finally, I don't like it when guys just shove their dicks inside me. So it's also really important to take your time when you are putting it in and ease into it, and then you can start fucking, of course. But I love a good soft entry (laughter)."

This has been Tips for Dicks with Emily Willis. If you love Emily and want to experience her from the inside, click here to shop her signature pussy and butt Fleshlights today! 

Make sure to stay tuned for future videos and, of course, articles every Monday and Thursday here at the FleshLife Blog.  

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