Timeless Toys Presents Joanna Angel's Misfit

Timeless Toys Presents Joanna Angel's Misfit

Welcome to an all new segment of “Timeless Toys,” our blog posts where we bring you a blast from the past and give you an overview of one of our very best Fleshlights from years past.

In this article, we will once again review a Fleshlight from Alt-Porn sensation, Joanna Angel. However, this time we will look at her beloved pussy sleeve, “Misfit.”

Despite the name, Ms. Angel’s replica pussy will “fit” (your cock) like no other. Joanna’s lady sensation is known for being an excellent, well-balanced, all-around sex toy - stimulating, yet never overpowering. 


Now, before diving into the details, let’s take a brief look at fan-favorite Fleshlight Girl, Joanna Angel.

Fleshlight Girl XX: A Quick Recap

Known far and wide as one of the founders of “alt-porn,” Joanna Angel is known for her pale skin, dark hair, and psychedelic tattoos covering her tight body.

Joanna doesn't hide her tattoos behind makeup the way other actresses do but instead embraces the ink and makes it part of her act. In fact, she firmly believes that those tattoos helped make her a star.


“If you have a product that's interesting enough, then people will come to you,” she said when asked about her tattoos and career in the adult industry. 

Since her debut in the early 2000s, Angel has starred in more than 130 adult productions. She also developed a reputation for her sense of humor after starring in a series of parody films such as “The Walking Dead: A Hardcore Parody” and “All About That Orgy.” 

As if this wasn’t enough, Joanna is also one of our most active Fleshlight Girls since the start of the pandemic early last year. Joanna hosted our weekly IG Live feature, FleshLive, where she chatted with a different Fleshlight Girl or Fleshjack Boy. She has played an integral part in helping Fleshlight’s social media survive and thrive during this difficult time.

Joanna Angel’s Pussy Fleshlight: Misfit

Upon first glance, you know Misfit is something special. Despite only sporting two chambers, there is a lot going on with this snug, textured “pocket pussy.”


Contrary to other Fleshlight sleeves designs, we created Joanna’s “Misfit” with two back-to-back chambers followed by a long corridor. Typically, we have these individual chambers be separated by corridors, so you’re in for an all-together different experience this go-around.

Misfit’s 1st Chamber

Once you’re lubed up and ready to go, slide through Ms. Angel’s slit and thrust towards Misfit’s first chamber.

As you’ll feel when first penetrating Joanna’s pussy, the first corridor is a simple, snug passageway that transitions that quickly becomes aligned with a pleasurable grooved sensation. 

A little deeper in, and her texture widens as you arrive at the first chamber. 

Inside this canal, your cock grazes a ring consisting of two inclined cross-ribs that turn slightly outward towards the entrance. Between these tiny ribs is a round bump, whose purpose is to stimulate your penis head as you stroke back and forth.

Slide over another series of tiny bumps, brush up against a final ring lined with rectangular bumps and the first chamber comes to an abrupt end.

Misfit’s 2nd Chamber

But, don’t stop there...

Thrust further into Joanna’s deliciously wet pussy and you’re met immediately with a broad, wave-shaped rib and her second chamber. 

These waves, pointing towards the canal entrance, are made to effortlessly grip and stimulate the head of your cock. After this series of waves the last one tightens up, reducing the canal to under half an inch and setting the stage for the constricted corridor that makes up the rest of Angel’s Fleshlight.

Misfit’s Finale

As you push your shaft through the second (and last) part of Joanna’s vagina Fleshlight, you will feel a tight passageway stretching over the rest of the sleeve. As you can see, this wave shape looks not only delightful for edging but for orgasming into, as well. 

Who Will Love This Fleshlight?

Some men like their Fleshlight textures wide and tame, while others crave tight and intense - Joanna Angel’s pussy Fleshlight, “Misfit” falls somewhere in between. It’s truly a well-balanced Fleshlight sensation that you will want to come back to time and again.

Although it might come off as relatively simple, there is a lot of variety of features packed into the Misfit. With loads of stimulation and a variety of tightness throughout, if you’re into Joanna Angel’s performances, this is the perfect companion to bring along for your next stroking session.

Punk rocker pussy never felt so good!

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