Timeless Toys Presents Brandi Love's "Shameless"

Timeless Toys Presents Brandi Love's "Shameless"

In this month's edition of "Timeless Toys," we head back to the year 2017 for an overview of our (anal) virgin Fleshlight Girl, Brandi Love, and her backdoor Fleshlight, "Shameless." 

This realistic anal masturbation sleeve is hailed by fans as one of our favorite anal Fleshlights of all time. Its squeezing, bumpy, and cross-thatched interior provides your cock with epic anal realism that you can repeatedly experience whenever you choose. 

brandi love butt fleshlight

Before we penetrate Brandi's forbidden fuckhole, let's help you get to know her a little better by taking a quick glance at her life and career. 

Fleshlight Girl Brandi Love: A Quick Recap

At 31 years old, Brandi Love made her debut in porn a little later than most adult stars. Whether intentional or not, this move earned the hard-bodied blonde instant "MILF” status in the adult industry from day one.

As you read this, you might wonder, "Why suddenly dive headfirst into the adult industry?" 

Well before launching her porn career, Brandi was a highly sexual person, heavily involved in the swinger lifestyle, partner-swapping, and experimenting with both new men and women partners. 

As a natural-born capitalist, it didn't take long for Mrs. Love to market herself to the best of her abilities, and thus she launched her first website in 2004. Here, she sold all-access memberships to an ever-growing digital library of her sizzling hot sex scenes. 

brandi love

Brandi remained a solopreneur from 2004 to 2011, selling her content through her very own website to her legions of adoring fans. However, as her MILF and hot housewife scenes grew in fame over the years, she found herself in demand by the biggest studios in the adult industry, such as Hustler and Brazzers, to name a couple. 

Today, Brandi Love is highly-regarded as one of the most desirable MILF pornstars of all time despite having never filmed an anal scene (much to her fans' disappointment). 

However, her "Shameless" butt replica Fleshlight allows you to get inside this uber-famous fuckstar's rear anytime you like. 

Brandi Love's Butt Fleshlight: Shameless

Released at the tail end of 2017, "Shameless" consists of a replica of Brandi's virgin tight butthole and a unique, signature internal texture designed with a series of grid structures and a variety of bumps, with a strong emphasis on giving the user a diversity of stimulation with every stroke. 

brandi love butt orifice

The interior texture of Brandi's Shameless passageway can be divided into three core chambers – keep reading to learn all about them! 

Chamber #1: Snug and Bumpy Penetration

Push your hard, lubed rod through the life-like replica of this MILF's tight ass, and you'll instantly pass through a short but intensive and slender entry point. Within this miniature chamber consists a simple yet satisfying cluster of bump-covered raised ribs.

brandi love shameless texture

An exciting and enjoyable stimulation, this narrow start of the canal creates an excellent sensation of dickhead massaging tightness – the high amount of bars creates a tight squeeze and rubs with firm strokes along the penis.

Chamber #2: An Elongated, Gridded Centerpiece

After just over two inches, the long second chamber begins. At its onset, a prominent air pocket ensures a sturdy suction effect for the entire duration of your stroking session.

Beyond just this feature, the entire chamber is made up of a large, dense, multi-layer cross-grid designed to offer your manhood 360 degrees of a delightful rubbing sensation.

Chamber #3 Giant Bumps Massage Your Man Meat

The last section starts after about 5.6 inches, quite abruptly, without any noticeable transition. This region also features one large grid structure, but the design here is far different. 

Instead, you find an entirely new structure that appears like something you would expect to see when peering through a microscope. This web of large, robust bumps work in unison to provide the tip of your cock with the sensual squeeze you'd expect from a backdoor romp with the stunning "stepmom" of your dreams. 

Due to the size of these bumps, the diameter varies a lot within this section. This creates an intensive stimulation that applies a firm pressure along your penis, while the interspaces between them gently give your rod additional space to roam.

Who Will Love This Fleshlight? 

If you're a fan of Brandi Love's on-screen MILF sexcapades and love the idea of being able to rawdog this blonde beauty any time you like, this Fleshlight is undoubtedly for you. 

With its mega-tight entry and exciting, diverse texture throughout its interior, "Shameless" gives you the variety and realism you'd hope to find in an anal sex toy.

While it starts snug, this Fleshlight slightly expands throughout, making it a great option for men of all shapes and sizes. 

Shop your Brandi Love "Shameless" Fleshlight today!

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