Timeless Toys Presents: Anikka Albrite's Fleshlight "Siren"

Timeless Toys Presents: Anikka Albrite's Fleshlight "Siren"

In this edition of "Timeless Toys," we'll go back in time to deliver you an overview of one of porn's most successful anal queens, Anikka Albrite, and her stimulating butt Fleshlight, "Siren." 

Anikka Albrite Siren

This blonde babe's tight sex toy contains a series of intensive chambers and stimulating transitions, chock full of exciting novel structures. When engaging with Anikka's asshole, expect to feel sensations ranging from densely ribbed rubbing and tingly, bumpy massaging to welcomingly smooth passageways.

As with every edition of Timeless Toys, here we'll first briefly recap the life and career of our star and then dive into the ins and outs of her highly regarded, timeless Fleshlight. 

Fleshlight Girl Annika Albrite: A Quick Recap

Born on August 7th, 1988, Annika Albrite hails from Denver, Colorado. Spending much of her life in the American West, from her native Rocky Mountains to Arizona to the coast of California, Anikka Albrite is a golden-haired sex goddess that continues to command the attention of men everywhere.

But don't let her pretty face fool you; Anikka graduated from college with a double major in business and molecular biology, so she knows all about human anatomy and how to use it to turn a profit. In the end, however, her fans profit most when Annika takes it deep in the rear for our penis-stroking pleasure. 

Anikka Albrite Siren Butt

Although she transitioned to the adult industry in 2011, Anikka Albrite is still a science nerd as she keeps abreast of advances in molecular biology in her spare time and remains a big fan of sci-fi movies.

At this point in her porn career, Anikka Albrite has gone "all-in," marrying fellow star Mick Blue and starring in more than 200 films. She has also had her turn behind the cameras, directing several films and even producing a few mainstream projects.

Anikka has achieved recognition across the adult entertainment industry, receiving several awards and nominations beginning in 2013. She's won various accolades such as Best Tease Performance, Female Performer of the Year, and Best Sex Scene in a Featured Release.

Her future continues to look bright, and with so much adoration from her fans and recognition throughout the adult entertainment world, it's no surprise that we at Fleshlight chose Anikka Albrite to become our newest Fleshlight Girl in February 2016. 

Let's now turn our attention to her anal male masturbator "Siren," one of the most beloved backdoor Fleshlight textures in existence. 

Anikka Albrite’s Butt Fleshlight “Siren”

Anikka's exclusive butt Fleshlight was awaited with great anticipation by porn fans everywhere. This curvaceous star is most famous for her shapely derriere, with many of her most memorable films featuring plenty of backdoor action.

Anikka Albrite Siren Orifice

As you can clearly see, Anikka's replica sex toy, "Siren," is truly a beautiful, lifelike replica of her perfect butthole. Beautiful as it may be, as with all Fleshlights, it's on the inside where the magic truly happens.

Let's take a closer look.

The "Siren" Texture 

Perfectly designed to fulfill your wildest anal play fantasies, the Anikka Albrite butt Fleshlight texture begins immediately upon penetrating her most intimate orifice. 

Anikka Albrite Siren Texture

Chamber #1: Novel Sensations

Once inside Anikka's asshole, the first chamber begins and immediately transitions into an hourglass-shaped region. Here, the canal diameter widens and then quickly constricts to a much more slim passageway before it opens up again. In this narrow region, your cock is gripped by a ring that helps produce a sensation of realistic anal tightness.

As you continue penetrating, your member enters an entirely novel structure, consisting of stretched rectangular bumps that converge to a pointy edge, almost like long-stretched pyramids. These provide for fantastic stimulation and work to build up anticipation for what's to come.

A Tight Cone-Shaped Passageway

This passage between the first and the second chamber begins wide (over an inch in diameter) and progressively narrows the further you penetrate, almost forming a cone shape. Inside this corridor, three rings function to create both a pleasant ribbed stimulation and consistent anal-like tightness throughout.

Throughout this section, your penis will experience a solid sideways-squeezing pressure and a gentle massaging sensation provided by its three separate interior rings. 

Chamber #2: Siren's Bumpy Centerpiece

In this section, you'll discover that the relatively long, drawn-out first chamber (and passageway) becomes a much shorter, more intense one. 

This chamber is densely filled with large, flat-topped raised bumps. Each of these raised structures is strategically pointing in a different direction so that each time your erect prick pushes over the top of them, you'll be consistently surprised with a new feeling. 

The Final Stretch

Following this second and final chamber is an ensuing passage consisting of repeating ribs stretching out like waves in a vast ocean which continue until you reach the end of Anikka's Siren. 

Who Will Love Anikka Albrite's Fleshlight?

Anikka's anal texture is the perfect combo of both intensity and realism. What begins with dense structures and intense stimulation gradually shifts towards realism the deeper you go.

Anikka Albrite Siren Tight Butt

If you're a fan of Anikka, her erotic anal scenes, or just general backdoor nut-busting, we strongly consider "Siren" a worthwhile addition to your Fleshlight collection. 

Shop yours here! 

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