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Timeless Toys: Nikki Benz's Reign Fleshlight

In today’s edition of “Timeless Toys,” we travel back to 2016 for an overview of the big-breasted blonde bombshell, Nikki Benz, and her fantastic anal Fleshlight sensation, Reign

Beloved by fans from all over the world, Nikki’s backdoor texture is known as one of the most intense anal inserts in existence. The chambers feature extraordinary bumps and ribs, the transitions extreme tightness and penetration feeling. You’re going to love Nikki’s royal asshole.


Before we thrust into her coveted butt sleeve, let’s first do a quick recap on the busty blonde pornstar and her timeless Fleshlight sex toy.

Fleshlight Girl Nikki Benz: A Quick Recap

Nikki Benz is a legendary porn star who has been putting on a show for adult audiences for over 15 years. You may know her from her frequent appearances in Brazzers films or from when she ran for Mayor of Toronto (her home city). If you know one thing about this Ukrainian-born bombshell, know this: she loves sex in each and every hole.


Nikki first began taking advantage of her stunning looks and sensual physique as a swimsuit model in the early days of her career. She combined swimsuit modeling with stripping before finally contacting an adult film production company about starring in a porn movie. 

She knew her destiny and went all in.

Today, Nikki is recognized as one of the reigning queens of the porn industry. This Penthouse Pet of the Year has big plans for the foreseeable future and invites you to experience her ass just like you watch it on the big screen.

Let’s now take a close look at her backdoor Fleshlight, the Reign texture.

Nikki Benz’s Butt Fleshlight “Reign”

If you’ve watched many of Nikki’s adult films, you know she’s famous for taking it in the ass - she can’t get enough of it. Nikki’s “Reign” texture includes three intensive chambers and two extreme constrictions that grip, pull, and emulate pure anal bliss.

Let’s now take a deep dive into her rear and explore the intricacies of the Reign sensation. 

The “Reign” Fleshlight Texture


This texture definitely wants to live up to its name, because it is one of the most intense anal experiences that we here at Fleshlight have to offer. To understand what it’s all about, we’ll break it down and take a look at each of the three individual chambers and the snug passageways connecting them all together. 

Chamber #1

Immediately after penetrating Nikki Benz’s round, beautiful ass, you’re welcomed by stimulating thatched cross ribs in the first chamber. At well under an inch in diameter, this first chamber stretches over the course of the next two inches. 

As you can in this texture’s image, the twisted ribs resemble a chain-link fence. Besides the crisscrossing ribs, there are mini gaps that help to aid in the overall suction effect of this salacious sex toy. 

Chamber #2

As you push deeper into Nikki’s tight ass, the second chamber immediately begins - zero transition. Here, you’re met with two broad rectangles designed to grip and stimulate you better than your hand certainly ever has before. 

Between the single bumps lie several tiny gaps. Three of them together form a ring making up a total of three rings in this particular region of Reign. In the tightest spots, the diameter measures right at half an inch. This whole section provides a rubbing-pulling stimulation on the penis that you’ll be eager to experience again and again.

After the second chamber, Reign continues with a classic anal texture passageway - a tight, inch-long ribbed texture.

Chamber #3

Keep thrusting and push beyond this transition, deeper, into the final chamber of Nikki Benz’s “Reign” Fleshlight.

The third chamber gives perhaps the most intense stimulation of them all considering (if you can manage to reach it) this is where your penis head will reside. Here, your cock will feel three rows of forward-facing, pointy bumps that are angled toward the Reign’s Fleshlight opening.

Who Will Love This Fleshlight?

If you crave strong, consistent intensity and a perfect pornstar butthole to bang, the Nikki Benz Fleshlight could be the perfect backdoor Fleshlight to add to your collection. 


Together with an amazingly textured entry, squeezing anal tightness, and forward-facing teeth, this is a sex toy made for men who either want a quick session or to push their stamina to its limit.

Finally, the chance to be inside Nikki Benz’s perfect ass is yours to have any time you wish. Click here to shop her fan-favorite Fleshlight, Reign!

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