The Fleshlight Drying Racks: The Best Way to Dry Your Fleshlight

After years of creating the world’s most popular male sex toy, there was only one way our revolutionary product could get any better. 

Today, we announce the launch of our Fleshlight Drying Racks!

Expertly designed to allow you to effortlessly and effectively dry your Fleshlight sleeve after each and every use, with these racks we've made the drying process as easy as “drip, drip, drip.”

As you’ll see below, we didn’t just come up with one standard product to assist in cleaning and maintaining your sex toy. No, as always, we went above and beyond–we give you three options!  

We understood during the design process that everybody has a different living situation and due to this has different spots where they prefer to dry their Fleshlight sleeve.

Pretty cool, huh?

We think so, too.

Don't stop here. Keep reading to learn all about our brand new Fleshlight Drying Racks!

The “Hang Dry”

The first of our new Fleshlight Drying Racks is the “Hang Dry.” This, as the name implies, lets you hang your Fleshlight sleeve from a variety of spots, allowing air to easily circulate through and water to drip out the exit hole. 

When using this drying rack we recommend hanging it in an area where you don’t mind small amounts of water dripping out, such as your shower. 

With a total length of 10.24 inches, this rack is expertly crafted to hold any standard-sized Fleshlight sleeve you may own. Click here to order yours today!

The “Stand Dry”

Next is the “Stand Dry.” This too is a drying rack specifically designed to hold and dry your Fleshlight sleeves. Ideal for those who do not want to drip dry their Fleshlight onto a floor or towel, the Stand Dry is designed to capture all water in its built-in water receptacle. 

After rinsing out your Fleshlight and cleaning it by applying Fleshwash to the interior and exterior, simply slip it into the rack, letting it dry completely.

Standing at just 9.57” and just barely a few inches wider than your Fleshlight sleeve, you can store this practically anywhere from your bathroom counter to your bedroom nightstand.

The “Screw Dry”

Finally, we have the “Screw Dry.” This Fleshlight drying rack is unique in that it gives you the capability of drying your sleeve with its case intact.

After use, simply remove your sleeve, give it a good rinse, apply Fleshwash throughout, towel dry the exterior, pop it back into its case, and (with each cap still removed) slide it into the Screw Dry drying rack.  

Measuring in at just 1.96 inches this is by far our most compact drying rack. When not in use, it’s tiny size can be stored away nearly anywhere. And, while in use, it practically only takes up the size of the Fleshlight toy you are drying.

Upgrade your Fleshlight experience today.

Click here to purchase your very own drying rack! 

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