March Birthdays: Get 10% Off These Fleshlight Girls!

March Birthdays: Get 10% Off These Fleshlight Girls!

Welcome to March - a month known for many things including the start of Spring and the warm weather that tends to follow. For us at Fleshlight, it’s also the month where some of our hottest Fleshlight Girls celebrate yet another year of their incredible lives.

In this article, we’ll celebrate the birthdays of the sensual Angela White, Misty Stone, Brandi Love, and Tanya Tate.


Keep reading for an overview of each star’s illustrious career and, of course, their Fleshlight replica male masturbators. 

Stick around until the end and we’ll reward you with a 10% off discount code that you can apply to any of their Fleshlight products!

Let’s get started.

Angela White Celebrates Her 36th Birthday!

Our very first Australian Fleshlight Girl, Angela White is a gorgeous adult star known for bright blue eyes and all natural curves. Oh, she’s pretty notorious for her massive 32GG tits, too. In fact, these secured a Best Boobs nomination for her in the 2015 AVN Awards. 

Despite these features, it’s Angela’s inexorable sexual appetite that has made her so popular in the adult industry. Angela celebrates the diversity of sexual experiences and loves to explore her sexuality with both men and women.

angela white

After spending several years turning on dudes in strictly girl-on-girl and solo porn, she filmed her first hardcore boy/girl scene in 2011. It was aptly titled Angela White Finally Fucks, and what followed was a win for Score Magazine’s Hardcore Performer of the Year. Angela now performs, produces and directs films in the adult industry. 

Angela White’s Pussy Fleshlight: “Indulge”

One look at Angela’s “lady” texture replica Fleshlight “Indulge” and you can begin to see why it won AVN’s 2018 Award for Most Amazing Sex Toy for a reason. First off, have you ever seen a pair of more perfect pussy lips? 


Slide inside and you’ll experience varying degrees of snugness lined with arrays of stimulating pleasure knobs to give a truly amazing feeling to your rock hard shaft.

Angela White’s Butt Fleshlight

As you likely agree, Ms. White’s big beautiful behind is well-deserving of an amazing anal texture. 


Squeeze into her tight hole and you’ll discover a series of intermixed spirals of soft and stimulating surfaces...The result is a well-balanced mixture of stimulation and massage.

Misty Stone Celebrates Her 35th Birthday!

Known today as the “Halle Berry” of the porn industry, Misty Stone started her wildly successful adult film career in 2006. 

In interviews, Misty admits that she casually "fell into" working in the porn industry, but later chose to make a serious career of it because she wanted to give it her all and “be the best at what she was doing.”


Misty Stone officially became a Fleshlight Girl in 2010 with the launch of Bump-N-Grind as her official lady texture.

Let’s take a closer look at what her amazing pussy and butt Fleshlight texture are all about.

Misty Stone’s Pussy Fleshlight: “Bump-N-Grind”

Ms. Stone’s pussy Fleshlight is recognized as being the very first Fleshlight sleeve for an African-American pornstar. Designed to realistic perfection with a stunning, caramel-colored orifice, Bump-N-Grind’s interior is equally as incredible. 


Penetrate Misty and encounter a combination of alternating speed bumps, ribs, and vortex chambers meant to hug, rub, and massage your cock with each stroke.

Misty Stone’s Butt Fleshlight: “Desire”

Misty’s anal Fleshlight “Desire” can be described in 2 words: snug and stimulating. 

Penetrate her little backdoor and you immediately feel a tight, ribbed entry massaging your cock. Just three inches deeper and you feel a snug ring squeeze your manhood just like a real anal experience.


Can you make it to the final chamber? If so, you’ll be rewarded with a series of jagged, stimulating waves designed to graze your penis with every deep thrust!

Brandi Love Celebrates Her 48th Birthday!

At 31 years old, Brandi Love made her debut in porn a little later than most adult stars. By doing so, this automatically placed the hard-bodied blonde in the “MILF” category. With beginnings quite different than most, you might be wondering, “How did she decide to suddenly jump into the adult industry?”

Having been involved in the swinger lifestyle for years, Brandi Love thought it a naughty idea to begin filming her sexual encounters and sell it to men and women through the net – she launched her first website in 2004. 


Her popularity as the ultimate MILF and hot housewife escalated from there and in 2011, due to the great demand of fans and her natural curiosity to try it, she found herself shooting for porn studios such as Girlfriend Films, Hustler and Brazzers. To date, she is amongst the most sought after MILF performers alive.

Brandi Love’s Pussy Fleshlight: “Heartthrob”

With an ultra-tight entry and stimulating mini-discs all throughout, Brandi Love's Heartthrob offers an incredible simulation of having sex with one of porn’s hottest MILFs. 


The “Heartthrob” sensation is known for being gentle yet firmly engulfing your cock. This texture is known to cause full body orgasms like you may have never felt before.

Brandi Love’s Butt Fleshlight: “Shameless”

Be the first to go where no man has gone before, Brandi Love's butt! “Shameless,” Brandi’s anal texture, is one of a kind since she’s actually an anal virgin. 


As you might imagine, having never taken it in the rear before, Ms. Love’s ass is as tight as they come. Push in and you’re immediately met with a slim entry followed by a series of bumps and cross-grids designed to flawlessly compliment this snug anal experience. 

Tanya Tate Celebrates Her 42nd Birthday!

Tanya Tate is a British bombshell, famed for her work as an adult film star, but also has dipped her toes into writing and the modeling world. A self-confessed comic book enthusiast, Tanya puts her geek savvy world to the side when she executes stunning blow jobs, masturbation, lesbian sex and all manner of pornography in adult films for her fans.


Tanya is known far and wide on the interweb for her work as a “mature” star that any guy would love to smash. She has picked up awards for MILF of the Year on multiple occasions, most notably five years running at the UK based SHAFTA Awards. 

Her zest for all things sex has also propelled her into the world of directing, and Tanya’s first work behind the camera was on Tanya Tate's the MILF Masseuse.

Tanya Tate’s Pussy Fleshlight: “Royal”

If you’re craving variety in your Fleshlight, you’re in luck. British sensation Tanya Tate's Royal texture is nothing short of a luxurious pleasure experience for your penis. 

Beyond her gorgeous, slender pussy lips your penis is first met with an incredible bumpy entrance which then multiple chambers of interchanging tightness and texture.


One session with this Fleshlight sleeve and you'll feel like you have been to the UK and back again…

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Well, that’s all for this month, guys. See you next month! 

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