Keeping up with the Fleshlight Girls: STOYA

Keeping up with the Fleshlight Girls: STOYA

In today's "Keeping Up With the Fleshlight Girls," we get up close and personal with the gorgeous and enigmatic Stoya for a one-on-one interview. In our most recent back and forth, we had the chance to catch up and learn more about her life as it stands here as we wind down 2022. 

The "Alt-erotic" model turned pornstar first began by posing nude for artists and niche photographers, gradually transitioning into softcore pornography. 

stoya fleshlight girl

After a few years, in 2007, Stoya finally took the plunge and entered the world of hardcore porn, establishing herself in the BDSM, fetish, and alt porn markets.

Since the launch of her signature replica sex toys in 2010, Stoya has remained at the very top of all Fleshlight Girl sales year after year. 

And while this may come as a surprise, Stoya's admirers understand how unique she is. There are simply few women like Stoya – an open-minded, intellectual, natural beauty with a stellar resume of hardcore scenes that men can't get enough of.

Let's now check in with Stoya to see what she's been up to here in 2022. 

Keeping Up With the Fleshlight Girls: Stoya

What does your post-pandemic reality look like? Are you still feeling the effects?

I still wear my mask on airplanes and in medical buildings and prefer restaurants with gardens. I'm much more likely to cancel in-person meetings for a couple of days if I'm feeling under the weather than I was before the pandemic–it's usually PMS but better safe than sorry–and more cautious about kissing and sharing drinks with strangers. I'll be getting another vaccine booster when I'm due. 

Otherwise, life continues. Lockdown and the chaotic world events that followed definitely affected the direction I've taken with my life.

What's new in your life here in 2022?

I moved to Southern Europe into a home I purchased last year, which is a huge change. 

On the one hand, when something is wrong, I can fix it, but on the other, it's my job to organize workers and make decisions. 

Learning a new language is challenging; there's a new set of social norms to understand and adapt to, and bureaucracies here operate differently. 

The first time I had a conversation without translating to and from English in my head was exhilarating. People are usually patient once I communicate my need for them to speak slowly. 

I've also just begun an undergraduate program in Philosophy and Psychological Studies. 

I've been doing all of this as I've been co-writing Slate's "How To Do It" sex advice column since 2019. We've got a new editor who appreciates journalism, so the bar has been raised for that gig.

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What has been your best experience this year (so far)?

We just had the last edition of Stoya's Book Club, which ran for five years. The final book was Chris Belcher's Pretty Baby-their memoir of being Los Angeles's Lesbian Dominatrix, and Chris was an incredible guest. 

Afterward, a bunch of us stayed on the call for a while to reminisce--one of the founding members wrote a speech about some of their favorite moments-and we talked about how some of the books we covered link together. 

Highlights include the event where Leigh Cowart (Hurts So Good) opened with a shot of ultra-hot sauce before reading their passage about the hot sauce festival, Tyler Knight's brutally honest portrayal of life as a Black male performer in pornography (Burn My Shadow), and Heather Berg's Marxist analysis of labor in pornography (Porn Work.

If you could describe 2022 in one word, what would it be?


Are you currently seeing anyone? 

If so, do you mind telling us about them? 

I'm plurogamous--the opposite of monogamous, if we're being binary about it--and I have a main partner in addition to a few other relationships that are more casual as far as time commitment and involve some element of long-distance. 

The first thing that comes to mind about my main partner is that he's a problem solver, which I think has something to do with his background in engineering and IT. His approach to life fits well with my "over, around, under, through" method of tackling issues, and we've laughed our way through every bizarre event life has thrown at us so far. 

I'm also seeing a journalist who lives a few countries over. He's an amateur porn performer who visits town every couple of months. 

And also, while I'm not sure when we'll be in the same city again, I still trade erotic photos and sexts with an artist I've been collaborating with for several years.

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What sort of things can your fans expect out of your OnlyFans content?

I started my career with nude photo sets and still enjoy producing and posing in them. So my OnlyFans has weekly galleries from collaborations with various photographers. It's fun to get on the same page with someone else's style and create something that overlaps. I also post saucy selfies and respond to messages most weekdays. 

Sometimes people want to talk about pornography, sexuality, or politics--they're all entwined--and I enjoy many of these conversations. 

I do live streams, when possible, where I might share something I learned in a sex education class or during research for the Slate column, and there's usually some banter with my regulars. One night we even somehow came up with a story about a clitoris who gets lost in a forest. 

Have you picked up any new hobbies or interests this year? 

I haven't! 

My schedule is pretty full between university, work, and continuing education around sexuality. I continue to sew occasionally–mostly hemming curtains and minor repairs, lately–and have my aerial apparatus installed above my bed so I can do a little exercise.

Are there any you are interested in exploring?

I'm really excited to go deeper into the subject of sexuality, and philosophy and psychology are interesting tools to understand human desires around sex. 

What has been your favorite project (scene, business deal, etc.) you've been a part of this year?

Fleshlight has been my favorite business deal for over a decade. 

I wrote the two-part guide to bras for people with proportionately small breasts for The Lingerie Addict this spring. I've been a fan of Cora Harrington's work for several years, and it was an absolute honor to have my work included on the site before they stopped publishing.

It was also nice to share my hard-won information about what silhouettes and styles work well on figures like mine and which designers cater to that market. 

And I'm proud to be bringing the Stoya Inc and ZeroSpaces catalogs of explicit videos to soon.

What upcoming projects are you most looking forward to?

A friend of mine--sex educator Sonja Votaw--wrote a poem about the need for tenderness in masculinity that I'm slowly working on an audio/visual presentation of. I performed it at my last reading in New York City, which was an absolute joy.

Let's talk about your Fleshlight. 

What is some of the feedback you've received from your fans?

Most people say they love my Fleshlights, especially the Destroya texture. 

The main complaint I hear is that the common sleeve is longer than most people need, and y'all have solved that issue by giving me my own Quickshot, which is the same quality in pocket size.

And with that, we conclude this segment of "Keeping Up with The Fleshlight Girls." 

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