Keeping Up With the Fleshlight Girls: Maitland Ward

Keeping Up With the Fleshlight Girls: Maitland Ward

In today's "Keeping Up with the Fleshlight Girls," we sit down with one porn's sexiest stars – mainstream girl-gone-wild, Maitland Ward.


Known for her roles on Boy Meets World, popular 90's soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful, and White Chicks, Maitland had a long career performing for audiences (fully clothed) long before ever venturing into the world of X-rated entertainment.

Once typecast as both sweet and innocent, Maitland began taking more risks to transform her image.

Maitland's tits were naturally on the smaller side in her early years, but she decided to have them beautifully enhanced to a porn-perfect 34DDD. 


In addition, Ward began to express her sexuality through cosplay. This comic con enthusiast says this shift helped her feel more confident and sexy on and off the camera. 

At this stage of her life, experienced, and well into her adult years, Maitland eventually saw a chance to complete the reinvention of her career and pursue an entirely new career. 

Maitland entered into the adult industry in 2019 as the new face of, a high-end XXX site with a luxurious and sensual feel doing mild kink. There, she began working with some of the most high-profile stars in the industry, such as Keiran Lee, Manuel Ferrara, Markus Dupree, and fellow Fleshlight Girl Riley Reid. 

Last year, fresh off numerous industry awards from both AVN and XBIZ, Maitland joined us as one of our newest Fleshlight Girls. As one of our most popular girls, her Fleshlights consistently sit amongst our top-selling month after month. 

Don't stop here. Let's now sit down with the mature star for an interview and see what she's been up to lately.

Keeping Up With Fleshlight Girl Maitland Ward

Wow. What a wild moment in time we just lived through. Thanks for chatting with us today, Maitland. 

For starters, how did the pandemic affect your love life? 

Well, I'm actually married, so I wasn't affected by it in that way. But it's so different not to be able to shoot content and just work (like before). 

Just interacting with humans on any level was so much harder. For someone who thrives on performing physically and sexually, it's extremely difficult. 

What was your best 2020 experience?

Becoming a Fleshlight girl! 

Seriously, it was one of the most exciting things. Winning six awards at XBIZ and AVN and my AVN cover and spread. It's was such an amazing 12 months. 

I also celebrated my first year in porn. I couldn't be more grateful or happy about everything that's happened. 

I'm so excited to be contracted at Deeper and for the amazing things we have in store. 

You'll see me in lots of new ways coming up!


If you could describe 2020 in one word, what would it be?

Unbelievable, both good and not so good. The world was in chaos and in lockdown, but I personally could not be more thankful for the year I've had. 

Lockdown gave me time to step back and focus. I feel so confident and positive about what's coming up now.

What's your favorite scene you released this year?

My scene 'Secretary' with Riley Reid and Markus DuPree for Deeper was so hot. I got to play such a powerful woman with such great dialogue. It was a real power struggle between Riley and me and then Markus steps in. I just loved the dynamic and working with the two of them. 

Did you pick up any new hobbies or interests this past year?

I now make the world's best chicken tortilla soup! 

Seriously, I've taken to cooking at home, and I've learned new recipes. I used to eat out a lot, but it was impossible with the lockdown, so I became a little chef. 

I played a lot more video games (Animal Crossing addict!), and I've begun camming so much more. It's so fun to reach my fans that way. We were both craving human contact and that interactive experience. It's was fun.

Are there any you are interested in exploring?

I would love to learn a language. So when this is all (officially) over, I can travel and make use of it.

What upcoming projects are you most looking forward to this year? What projects are you working on?

We have some hot, beautiful scenes planned, but I'm most looking forward to the big feature we'll be filming soon. There will be many firsts from me that the audience should be excited to see. Plus, the story is so amazing and pushes me as an actress. 

Let's talk about your Fleshlight. What is some of the feedback you've received from your fans? 

They love it!

I feel this real sense of intimacy and connection with my fans that's on a whole other level now. It's fun when I do live shows, and they have there's at the ready. We can really have fun together. It's cool to know that they can really experience me in the most intimate, real way. 

We hope you've enjoyed this segment of Keeping Up With The Fleshlight Girls. If you've made it this far, you owe it to yourself to get to know Maitland from deep within.

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