July's Fleshlight Girl of the Month: Mia Malkova!

July's Fleshlight Girl of the Month: Mia Malkova!

Very few women have gone from being a sweet and innocent amateur to global porn - and Fleshlight Girl - sensation as quickly as Mia Malkova. Currently ranked among Pornhub's most popular performers and consistently in the top 10 for all Fleshlight Girl sales, Mia was an easy pick when choosing this month's Fleshlight Girl.


Sweet, adorable, and incredibly curvy in all the right places, this nympho gamer is the dream girl for millions of men across the globe.

Since we launched her Fleshlights back in 2019, they have sold incredibly well due to Mia Malkova's wild popularity, along with the detailed sleeve textures that make up the interior of these sex toys.

In this article, we'll showcase not only her life and career but also do a deep dive into the ins and outs of her superbly stimulating Fleshlights "LVL Up" and "Boss Level."

First, Who Is Mia Malkova? 

Born in Palm Springs, California, the USA, on July 1st, 1992, Mia continues to rock the adult industry with her stellar performances, porn-perfect tits, and phenomenal bubble butt.


Before becoming famous, Mia Malkova was a teenager working in the fast-food industry as a checkout girl and waitress. It didn't take long for Mia to realize she wasn't cut out for the everyday work grind and desperately wanted more. When the opportunity presented itself, Mia filmed her first hardcore sex video.

Years later, when asked why she decided to take that first job and get into porn, Mia responded: 

"The only reason I got into porn is because I love sex and the porn world is the safest and the best place to explore sex in all its forms."

Mia's early scenes were high-quality and ended up earning her enough clout to have access to an infinite amount of opportunities. Throughout her career, she has chosen to only partner with the best in the business, filming incredible, high-quality performances year after year.

It didn't take long for Ms. Malkova to start winning prestigious awards beginning with Twisty's Treat of the Month in December 2012 and later Twisty's Treat of the year in 2013. 

In 2014, Mia won AVN's Award for Best New Starlet while being nominated for half a dozen other awards the very same year. A few years later, Mia went on to win October of 2016's Penthouse Pet of the Month. She’s also won 2016's XBIZ Award for Best Actress and 2019's Porthub Award for "Top Blowjob Performer."

In addition to her porn persona, Mia is known for her affinity for video games. On her YouTube and Twitch channels, Malkova loves to livestream her gaming sessions while her fans tune in to engage and interact with the adult star. 

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Let's now take a detailed look at Mia Malkova's two signature sex toys. Her one-of-a-kind Fleshlights are the key to unlocking a whole new level of enjoyment every time you are in the mood to play!

Mia Malkova’s Lady Fleshlight: “LVL Up”

Lvl Up is the exciting pussy texture of your girl nerd-crush porn-girl. 


As the name suggests, we designed this Fleshlight texture's features to resemble common video game elements.

Slide between Mia's tight lips, and you're instantly inside this sleeve's first chamber. This winding chamber is fitted with two tentacle-like structures covered with button-like bumps and nubs. This section grips your cock firmly and provides you with another world of satisfaction and stimulation.


Push a little deeper inside, and the second chamber rapidly tightens up to an ultra-tight passageway before exploding a series of wavy pleasure pockets. 

Lvl Up is a Fleshlight texture unlike any before. Its stimulating structures provide great variety throughout and give you everything from intense pleasure to true penetration sensations throughout.

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Mia Malkova’s Butt Fleshlight: “Boss Level”

With a booty like Mia's, you can bet your ass that we gave her one of the most incredible backdoor Fleshlights textures in existence. With a name like "Boss Level," it's safe to assume that this is the ultimate anal experience.


If you want a realistic anal adventure, you've come to the right place. Once inside her tiny hole, you'll notice a ribbed opening made to be welcoming for men of all shapes and sizes. 

As you begin to fuck, you feel Boss Level's sole canal start to tighten as it gradually snakes its way from beginning to end. A variety of smooth, bumpy "pill-like" structures are used to fill this fun and satisfying Fleshlight sensation. 


This combination of tightness, stimulation, and continuous pressure make for a wild yet realistic ride. We think you'll agree that Boss Level is the booty bang you've been waiting for. With its excellent tightness, continuous intense pressure, and stimulating nubs, you're virtually guaranteed a breathtaking climax with each use.

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