Introducing The TURBO CORE Fleshlight (Superior Suction)

Introducing The TURBO CORE Fleshlight (Superior Suction)

There's no denying it – every single one of us loves to get sucked off.

For whatever reason, there's just nothing like a warm, wet, slurping sensation engulfing our manhood. 

It doesn't matter if you're straight, gay, or bisexual; getting our knob gobbled is always a welcomed treat.

So, naturally, when creating the premier suction-specialist sex toy, we at Fleshlight are constantly looking to innovate and offer you the very best experience possible. 

Now, once again, we've revamped the Turbo line of Fleshlights for a new, wonderfully enhanced sensation – introducing the Turbo Core.

Built to replicate the sucking sensations you've come to know and love from its predecessors, the Turbo Core is an all-new take on this unique style of Fleshlight. 

Let's take a closer look. 

The Turbo Core Fleshlight: The Ultimate Dick Sucking Sensation

The Fleshlight Turbo Core begins with an incredible external sensation and is followed by multiple layers of inner stimulation. Add to this its unique suction effect, and this is a worthwhile new Fleshlight experience for even our most veteran of customers.

This Turbo's orifice is designed with our patented multiple suspended points of insertion, as seen in previous models. Slide your cock in any way you choose and feel each layer grab hold of you with various textured sensations.


As you slide inside the Turbo Core's discreet entryway, its externally suspended tips caress you. Its nibs gently rub across your head and shaft with each and every stroke. Perfect for foreplay, this soft yet snug opening is sure to get you going, pleasantly sucking you deeper inside.


With your member fully engulfed, the matching pair of floating dual-core rings work in unison to provide your cock with a wonderfully tight grasp.

With the Turbo Core, we’ve paired these stimulating structures with two sets of air pockets which help to provide you with its signature suction effect. As with every Fleshlight, to alter its suction, simply screw the back cap until you achieve your desired sensation.


Finally, as you drill deeper into its core, prepare yourself for a deep, snug channel lined with a multitude of raised bumps and textures. This cock-guzzling sensation is unlike any we've made before and simply a must-own for any Fleshlight fan.

The Turbo Core, complete with its non-anatomical orifice, clear case, and an exclusive ice blue texture, was built with care and intended to take you to new levels of sexual satisfaction any time, no matter when you want it. 

What's Included? 

Here's what you'll receive in your discreet Fleshlight Turbo Core™ package:

  • Clear Turbo Case

  • Core Orifice

  • Core Texture

  • Instructions for use and care

Our all-new Turbo is crafted to bring your consistent, orgasmic pleasure TO THE CORE! 

Click here to shop your Turbo Core today!

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