Happy Birthday Nikki Delano! -  Get 10% Off Her Fleshlights All April

Happy Birthday Nikki Delano! - Get 10% Off Her Fleshlights All April

Spring is here, and with it, an all-new Fleshlight Girl birthday! 

In today's article, we'll celebrate Fleshlight Girl Nikki Delano's 36th birthday with an overview of her illustrious life and career, as well as her expertly crafted replica Fleshlights - Fuego and Fantastica.

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Let's get started with a closer look at this curvy and charismatic Mamacita.

The Life and Career of Nikki Delano 

Nikki was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1986. With her mixed Puerto Rican, Colombian, and Italian heritage, she naturally grew up in a large, conservative family with strict, religious parents heading her household. 

As with most girls in her family, Nikki was urged to take a traditional route in life, but being the natural-born rebel she is, she had other plans in mind. 

More than just a banging body and propensity towards on-screen promiscuity, Nikki Delano showcased her brilliant mind early on in life. A graduate of New York's John Jay College of Criminal Justice, she holds a bachelor's degree in forensic psychology and a double minor in addiction studies and criminology.

After completing school, Nikki dropped her conventional lifestyle and embraced her physical attributes–a small curvy body, striking blue eyes, and immense DD tits–and applied them to modeling and stripping.

nikki delano fleshlight girl birthday

Unbeknownst to many, this Fleshlight Girl didn't venture into por all on her own. In fact, it wasn't until well-known adult film behemoth Brazzers discovered Nikki and urged her to give porn a-go that she began the line of work she is famous for today.

At present, Nikki has performed for various major studios and has been recognized on multiple occasions for her work. Currently, she has won many awards such as "Best Latino Performer" in 2012, "Best Ass" in 2013, and "Best Butt" in 2014. In addition to these accolades, Nikki Delano was selected by us as one of 2020's Fleshlight Girls.

Nikki Delano's Pussy Fleshlight: Fuego

Nikki Delano's lady sleeve Fuego is unlike any Fleshlight sensation you've ever felt before.  

Slide into her tight slit and experience a wavy entry point with a bulging pleasure-bead followed by intensity ridges. 

nikki delano lady fleshlight

If you can survive the first chamber without busting a load, the sleeve’s second chamber lined with overlapping ridges might just do the trick.

Lastly, if you can hit it, Fuego's waffle design of alternating areas of snugness will lead to sensory overload and an inevitable leg-shaking orgasm.

Nikki Delano's Butt Texture

Squeeze into Nikki's tiny little hole, and you'll instantly encounter repeating rows of intensity ridges coupled with sporadic pleasure beads and varying degrees of tightness. 

nikki delano butt fleshlight

You will be shocked at how easily you bust while stroking with Nikki's backdoor texture!

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Until next month! 

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