Getting to Know Violet Myers

Getting to Know Violet Myers

Welcome back to an all-new edition of "Getting to Know The Fleshlight Girls," where we sit with one of today's sexiest pornstars for an exclusive, one-on-one interview. 

Today we connected with one of 2022's newest Fleshlight Girls, Violet Myers!

First, Who Is Violet Myers?

If you've always fantasized about a real-life busty hentai porn girl, Violet Myers is who you've been waiting for. 

violet myers Deliciously curvy in all the right places, this half Latina, half Turkish pornstar was born in Los Angeles, California, in February 1997. Easily recognized by her incredible triple-D tits, giant, pronounced nipples, and cheeky ass, it's easy to see why Violet became one of porn's fastest-rising superstars in little time.

Violet Myers' Porn Career

Violet began her adult content career on social media, frequently posting seductive images and videos that would often go viral. During this time, Violet also went to college and "cammed" on the side for cash before deciding to venture into full-fledged pornography. 

After graduating with a degree in clinical psychology opted to give an "alternative career" choice a go. Thus, using her popular Twitter account, she tweeted a statement that would come to change her life forever: 

"I want to be a pornstar."

Due to her undeniable sex appeal and sizeable online following, she was quickly recruited by an adult industry representative. In 2018, at 21 years old, Violet began shooting hardcore adult content every week, where she quickly established a solid reputation with her stellar cock pumping performances. 

violet myers  fleshlight girlNow, with multiple AVN Fan Award nominations, a massive social media following, and millions of views across her ever-growing library of online pornography, it's safe to say that Violet Myers is a full-blown industry success. 

Keep reading and have a look at what this promising young starlet had to share about herself in our most recent interview.

Getting to Know Fleshlight Girl Violet Myers

Why did you want to become a Fleshlight Girl?

There are a good number of perks, but I've also always wanted to have a vagina mold of myself and have my fans get a little taste of me. But also, just being with such a prestigious company is such an honor. So I've always wanted to be a Fleshlight Girl for that reason.

What is your ideal date?

My ideal date would be going to a museum or an aquarium and then getting sushi afterward. And then, maybe depending on how the vibe is going, (come) back to my house and just watch YouTube videos or a new show together.  

Whether it's anime or something scary, that is my ideal date.

Would you ever date someone that slid into your DMs?

Yeah. I mean, I've met a lot of people, especially with social media. 

It's hard to meet people in real life nowadays. So yeah, I would meet someone and probably hook up with them. That's pretty much how I am. 

I meet a lot of people through the DMS, really.

What would be the title of your autobiography?

My autobiography would be called "Violet the Anime Girl in Real Life."

What would your career be in witness protection?

If I were in witness protection and needed a new career, I would love to work for the FBI, do private investigations, and go to crime scenes. 

I went to college, and my major was clinical psychology, so I love serial killers, that's why "Meyers" – Michael Meyers.

Michael Myers

So I would totally be an FBI agent and go to crime scenes and investigate and find out who the killer is because I feel like I'm really good at that. 

I would probably be doing that instead (of porn).

If you were an animal, what would you be? 

If I were an animal, I would be a cat. And that's because I'm a homebody. I like when people give me attention, but when they give me too much attention, I'm just like, "All right, back off." 

And cats are really cute, and they're loyal.

I would be a cat or a penguin because I just love penguins.

And with that, we conclude this segment of Getting to Know the Fleshlight Girls. 

Now that you've learned all about her, it’s time to get in on the action.

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