Getting to Know Lena the Plug

Getting to Know Lena the Plug

Welcome to an all-new edition of "Getting to Know The Fleshlight Girls," where we sit with one of our sexiest Fleshlight Girls for a fun, exclusive, one-on-one interview. 

In today's chat, we connected with Lena the Plug; a YouTube sensation turned niche "porn girl" overnight. 

Who is Lena the Plug?

Born and raised in Southern California, Lena is a quick-witted curvy Armenian-American with a playful, down-to-earth personality. 

lena the plug

After graduating from college, her first job was working for a digital marketing start-up that became one of the first globally popular social media networks, primarily known for its sexy content and influencers. 

This experience enabled her to quickly learn the dos and don'ts of online media while simultaneously building out her personal brand on the side. What began as vlogging about fitness while working out in skimpy apparel became much more.

In time, Lena the Plug (as she came to be known) proved she could walk a fine line between YouTube-friendly and sexually charged content. It wasn't until she told her subscribers that "I will put out a porn video the day I hit one million YouTube subscribers" that she became known for her full-frontal pornographic scenes.

Today, Lena has an enormous subscriber base on both YouTube and OnlyFans, where her loyal fans tune into her adult content. 

lena the plug butt 

In 2019, Lena was a fixture at the Vixen and Tushy booths despite operating far differently than today's typical adult performers.

Primarily known for her home videos where she engages in hardcore sex with other women and her equally social media-famous boyfriend, Adam 22, Lena’s a new breed of adult star, entirely in control of her destiny.

Don’t stop here. Keep reading to learn even more about this fan-favorite Fleshlight Girl.

Getting to Know Lena the Plug

What has been your favorite experience as a Fleshlight Girl?

I just love having a Fleshlight because I love telling people that there is a mold of my body part somewhere out there, and people can buy it.

It's kind of like the trump card of fun facts.

What has been your most memorable moment on set?

Well, last week, I did a scene with a couple of girls in the garden, and we were picking cucumbers, and then we found ourselves using the cucumbers on each other.

And that wasn't the awkward part. But at the end of the scene, we all decided to take a bite of the same cucumber we had been using, and it was kind of gross.

We all decided that it was gross and hot and weird. But yeah, I'll remember that for a while.

lena the plug fleshlight

Would you date someone who slid into your DMs?

I would totally date someone who slid into my DMS. I'm actually dating someone where I slid into their DMS. So yeah, I think it's like how people date in this generation - it's totally normal for me.

What would be your new career in witness protection?

If I was put into witness protection, I would want to become a detective. But I don't know if that would work since I would have to sort of be a really anonymous person (that's not up in the mix) 

I feel like it'd be really fun to be a detective.

What would be your ideal date?

I'm pretty boring. I really just want to walk on the beach and watch the sunset. 

I know it's like what everyone puts in their online dating profile, but it's actually true for me.

And there you have it – this has been another episode of Getting to Know the Fleshlight Girls. You can now experience what millions of men have fantasized about having for years – explore Lena the Plug's most intimate holes, "Honey" and "Perfect," available only here at Fleshlight. 

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