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Fleshlight Girl Spotlight: Autumn Falls

When you hear the name "Autumn Falls," what immediately comes to mind? 

If you're familiar with her work in the adult entertainment industry, you'll undoubtedly think of her perfectly tanned skin, stunning curves, and (of course) her natural 32G tits. 

At just 20 years old, Autumn is a fan-favorite and currently one of our best-selling Fleshlight Girls. 

Since the launch of her "Cream" and "Peaches" Fleshlights in November 2020, Miss Falls has consistently remained in the top 5 of all Fleshlight Girl sales. Due to her wild popularity, stunning performances, and incredible sales numbers, we felt it was only fitting that she be named April's Fleshlight Girl of the Month. 

In this article, we'll showcase not only her life and career but also do a deep dive into the ins and outs of her epic Fleshlights. 

Who Is Autumn Falls?

If you like 'em young, Latina, and busty, you're going to love Autumn Falls. Beloved for her curves, all-natural looks, and sultry sex scenes, Autumn is one of today's fastest rising stars.

Miss Falls is notorious for her beautiful 32G tits and tight yet curvy body that few men can resist. 


Born in Costa Rica and raised in NYC, as a child she eagerly awaited her 18th birthday. Once of legal age, Autumn quickly took her talents online and then promptly to Miami and LA, where she began shooting for some of the adult industry's top studios.

"I grew up in NYC. I'm from Manhattan…Getting into porn was something I've wanted to get into because I like to show off my body, and knowing that people can jerk off by watching my videos is great for me".

-Autumn Falls, Teen Fidelity Interview 

Autumn Fall's Career

Autumn started her career in the adult industry in 2018 at 18 as a cam model. Upon receiving an overwhelmingly positive reaction to her early online performances, Autumn decided to work between Miami and LA. Many of Autumn's earliest sex scenes were filmed for the Florida-based porn networks - Bang Bros, Mofos, and Reality Kings.

Today, her career is exploding as evidenced by her numerous awards starting in 2019 as PornHub's “Top Newcomer” and into 2020 as XBIZ's “Best New Starlet,” as well as “Hottest Newcomer,” “Best Group Sex Scene” and “Best Three-Way Sex Scene” at the AVNs. 

As far as Autumn's personal life is concerned, the young star is dating fellow pornstar and director Markus Dupree. Known for having won Male Performer of the Year at the XRCO Awards, half a dozen AVN and XBIZ nominations, and hundreds of stellar performances, he is the real deal. Together, they are a pornstar power couple on the rise.

Keep reading to get the full overview of her Fleshlight sensations: "Cream" and "Peaches."

Autumn Falls Lady Fleshlight: "Cream"

Autumn Fall's pussy Fleshlight "Cream" is everything you'd expect from this Costa Rican pornstar sensation's sex toy. An exact replica of her perfect winged labia and clitoral hood, the sleeves tanned color matches her skin tone to near perfection. 


As with all Fleshlights, while the exterior design works wonders for foreplay and edging, it's the inside where the magic really happens. Prepare yourself guys, Autumn Falls "Cream" is a series of vastly different structures combined with mind-blowing intermittent waves all throughout. Oh, and the suction is phenomenal, too!


Chamber #1

Slide your cock between her beautiful brown lips, and you're immediately inside her tight first chamber. This region stretches a mere 1.5 inches and contains two smooth, outward-facing triangular structures and soft nubs that invitingly welcome your cock's sensitive head.

Chamber #2

Penetrate Autumn Falls just an inch deeper, and you're inside an increasingly snug passageway chamber that features dozens of dense pleasure bumps meant to massage every inch of your hard prick, which it does exceedingly well.

Chamber #3

Push beyond these bumps, and your erect member is met this time with a stand-alone triangular feature for a final time. After this, your cock enters a cross-ribbed transition followed by the most narrow region of the entire Fleshlight. 

If you can make it beyond this region, you'll enter the supremely unique penultimate chamber. 

Chamber #4

Here, stretching at just under two inches in length, a waffle cross-grid fitted with mini air pockets which contribute to the textures' overall suction effect.

Chamber #5

Once hitting the seven-inch mark, your penis will then vibrate across half a dozen intense ribs explicitly built with your penis tip's sensitivity in mind. 

Finally, now is your chance to make this Latina princess's pussy CREAM. Click here to shop her pussy Fleshlight today!

Autumn Falls Butt Fleshlight: "Peaches"

Known for her deliciously curvy body, Autumn Falls has a booty that was just banging to get banged. It wasn't until last year, in 2020, until she finally decided to lose her anal virginity to boyfriend and fellow pornstar Markus Dupree. 

Peaches, her butt Fleshlight texture, is made with an exact likeness to her little hole. If you want to experience all Miss Falls has to offer, you'll have to come inside to see what it's like. 


Squeeze inside her tight backdoor and treat your cock to sharp ridges, concave pleasure bumps, and a final chamber of smooth, pillowy beads – a superb sensation for the anal orgasm of your (wet) dreams. 


Chamber #1

Wedge your throbbing cock into the snug entrance of Autumn's Peaches sleeve, and you'll notice that her tight little hole opens up ever so slightly into a two-inch-long narrow channel, fully lined with jagged rectangular edges.

Chamber #2

Next, at the 2.5-inch mark, your shaft slides neatly into a texture that very closely resembles an octopus's "suction-cupped" structures often found on its various tentacles. Just as an octopus can effortlessly latch itself onto anything it wishes, this region of Autumn's anal texture is designed to do the same to your cock.

Chamber #3

Just past five inches of Autumn's backdoor follows a long, very narrow tunnel with a soft jelly bean-shaped texture that continues all the way till the end.

If you love Autumn Falls and crave a tight, intense, and enjoyable anal experience, her Peach's texture Fleshlight is a no-brainer. 

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