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Jan 26, 2019

Fleshlight Can Keep Your Lovers on a Digital Leash

Fleshlight Can Keep Your Lovers on a Digital Leash
Are you the kind of person who requires unwavering loyalty from your lovers, you need a way to keep them devoted even when they are not close by. Of course, sending them hot pictures and videos of yourself can help to keep them on track, but if only there was a way you could give them pleasure from afar to keep their eyes on you only...well, now there is and it’s called the FleshLight Launch. This is an interactive sex toy that you can control from wherever you are via Bluetooth. It has the ability to control the length of the strokes and the speed as well.
You don’t know what your lovers are going to be doing on the Internet. There is a whole lot of stuff out there for them to explore. Sexual exploration is usually a good thing but you want to know what they are all up to. If you want to make sure they only watch content that has been approved by you, you can pick your favorite video out of the pre-encoded ones that are compatible with the toy and then you can send your lover on a fully interactive porn movie journey.
The best part is that this toy can be password protected, so if you are kind of the dominant type, and you only want your man to get off when you say, just don’t tell him the password and keep it all to yourself. That way he will be totally devoted to you and you will be the one who brings him the most pleasure. Or, if you just want to be able to give your partner pleasure from afar, this is the right toy for you too.

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