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Fleshlight 2022: A Year in Review (Pt. 2)

Welcome back to Fleshlight’s 2022 Year in Review. In this second of two posts, we'll travel back just a few months to revisit some of our most eventful occurrences of last year.

We will look at fan-favorite sex toys collections such as the Freaks and Fleshlight Girl Ice in addition to some of our big wins on social media and even a notable nomination for one of our 2022 products.

Now, if you're ready, let's dive back in.

The Return of the Freaks

For more than a decade, we haven't skipped a beat with our annual limited releases of the "Fleshlight Freaks" throughout October.

Their unique designs are inspired by popular Halloween-favorite fantasy characters such as zombies, vampires, bigfoot, and many others. Featuring bold colors and textures that mimic their chosen character's looks and personalities, Fleshlight Freaks products provide intense hands-free stimulation for when you want your bedroom encounters to get a little bit wilder. 

fleshlight freaks products

Available in both a Fleshlight and dildo design, these unique sex toys are unlike anything available on the market. 

Whether you're looking for something extra from your solo play or want to add some fantasy action to your partner-play time, Fleshlight Freaks will take you there.

The "Stranger Things Fleshlight"

Speaking of spooky sex toys, in May of 2022, we went viral on Twitter due to a silly, Stranger Things-inspired Fleshlight design.

This "Demogorgussy" design is a mash-up of a standard lady Fleshlight and one of the monsters from the hit Netflix series. 

While clearly a joke, seeing the outpouring of fear, disgust, and laughter pour in as it circulated the internet at breakneck speed was a blast. 

Click here to check out an entertaining article that explains the event (and showcases some of the reactions) in detail. 

Fleshlight Girl Limited Edition Ice

Fleshlight Ice is one of our top collections and has been around for well over a decade. Like our standard pink and flesh-toned sleeves, these toys are too designed with our patented SuperSkin to simulate the sensation of vaginal, anal, and oral intercourse to perfection.

fleshlight ice

The unique feature of the Ice line is that they are made with a transparent version of our signature material, allowing the user to see their cock slide in and out while in use.

We unveiled three Fleshlight Girl versions of the Ice for a limited time, including Eliza Ibarra, Vina Sky, and Kenzie Reeves. With each of these, we used their replica orifice and signature interior texture, ensuring customers were getting everything they love about the girls' standard sex toys but with a bit of heightened visual stimulation for some novel fun.

Although available for just a limited time, this collection proved to be a big hit. So stay tuned; we just may decide to launch a whole new batch of Fleshlight Girl-inspired Ice products later this year. 

The Turbo Throttle: Suction in Overdrive

Before launching last year's all-new Fleshlight Turbo product, we had a hunch that it would be a big hit. However, despite this early assumption, nothing could prepare us for the tidal wave of positive reviews once customers got inside it.

Turbo Throttle

The Fleshlight Turbo Throttle's revamped design includes increased suction and a tighter, gripping neutral orifice than its predecessors, the Thrust and Ignition. 

Uniquely engineered with our patented multiple suspended entry points, each layer is created to immediately grab hold of your member, delivering a variety of textured sensations while deep inside. 

As you penetrate the Turbo Throttle, its pair of floating outer rings work in unison to instantly achieve a firm grip as you slide inward toward its intensely textured inner core. 

Turbo Thrust Texture

Whether you prefer to stimulate just the tip or desire a more all-encompassing, fully engulfed sensation, the Turbo Throttle provides both the tease and thrill to get you to the finish line. 

Turbo Throttle: 2023's Male Sex Toy of the Year? 

Still not convinced to pick one up?

Don't just take our word for it. 

At the tail-end of last year, we received the news that the Turbo Throttle was so widely received that it was nominated by none other than XBIZ for their "2023 Male Pleasure Product of the Year." 

See what all the hype is about and try it for yourself!

Get yours here!

With that, we come to an end to our 2022 Year in Review. Stay on top of all 2023's product releases and company news by subscribing to our company newsletter today at Fleshlight.com

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