F*ck Like a Pornstar: Maitland Ward

F*ck Like a Pornstar: Maitland Ward

Welcome to “Fuck Like a Pornstar,” where we interview our Fleshlight Girls on all things sex-related. In it, our topics of discussion go beyond just fucking on set and take a closer look at the girl’s personal sexual desires behind closed doors, away from the prying eyes of the internet.

In today’s article, we sit down with fiery mainstream actress turned pornstar, Maitland Ward. 


Are you ready? Let's dive in.

Maitland, what are your top 3 favorite positions? 

“I love a rough, hair-pulling, ass-spanking doggy; being on top, and a really intense, intimate missionary. I love a mix of all three.” 

Many guys out there are always looking for the best techniques to get their girls off. What is the best way to make you cum?

“Lots of foreplay is key; and that should start earlier than most people think. I love going out for dinner and being whispered to about all the dirty things my partner is going to do to me later. It sets a sexy, seductive tone.

“So, by the time we make it home, I’m so horny and ready for a hot night ahead. Good pussy eating is essential. Take your time and enjoy me with your tongue and mouth. 

“It’s such a turn on when I feel my partner is enjoying me and could happily spend forever down there.”

What tricks have some of the talent you have worked with used to last longer in bed? 

“I think switching up positions and taking a pause when you’re getting too close and want to extend the sex works the best.
“If you’re about to explode, pull out and give her some head or make out before switching to a new position. It’s hot to edge like that and it makes the orgasm better in the end.”


What is the best toy that a guy can bring into the bedroom to heighten the sexual experience?

“The Hitachi (Magic Wand) is always a tried and true favorite. I recommend using it on her clit while having sex. It’s so good and the vibrations will usually feel really nice for you, too.”

What is one thing that you do in your scenes that you would never do (or prefer not to do) in your private life? 

“Reverse cowgirl. Or, at least the very demonstrative way we do it in porn. It looks hot on screen, but in my personal life, it would be very difficult and acrobatic to do. Especially with a partner who isn’t trained to be able to control a position like that.”

In porn, it’s common for the guy to finish on your face, mouth, or chest… what do you like in your private life? What do you recommend men do? 

“I do all of those in real life, too, depending on what kind of sex I’m having. It all depends on if I’m wanting it really dirty or more sensual and intimate.
“I think it’s whatever is consented to by all involved. It’s hot to incorporate that into some dirty talk. I love it when a guy whispers how he wants to cover my pretty face with his cum. Or when I beg him to come deep inside of me.”
What kind of dirty talk really gets you going? Can you give us an example? 

“Dirty talk is both my favorite and specialty.

“I love whispering in my partner’s ear, telling him (or her) how my pussy is dripping for them and soaking my lace panties. Something to entice them for later. I love it when a man tells me how good my pussy feels wrapped around him. Or, how I drive him uncontrollably wild.

“I love to see my partner start to come undone with my dirty words and feel him twitch and quiver. And I talk really filthy. I think some people get embarrassed and hold back and that’s when the dirty talk doesn’t work. It can’t be ashamed or tepid.

“It has to come from an unharnessed, true, lustful place.”
What recommendation do you have for guys when it comes to “getting rough” in the bedroom? What’s hot and what’s not? 

“It depends on your partner. To me, hair pulling and spanking is so fun. I love it when a guy is absolutely pounding me because he can’t get enough of me. The roughness comes from that feeling of him coming completely undone. It’s primal and animalistic. It’s good to discuss ahead of time though because roughness is relative.” 
Do you have an experience where someone did something unexpected in bed that you really enjoyed?

“Making me squirt with his fingers. It was a surprise...It happened so fast and I loved it! The fact that someone could have such authority and control over my body like that is so hot.” 

And with that, we come to an end of this week’s segment of “F*ck Like a Pornstar.” We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did during our interview together.

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