Dating Advice with Vina Sky

Dating Advice with Vina Sky

Welcome back to an all-new edition of Dating Advice with the Fleshlight Girls. In today's feature, we connect with your favorite tiny Asian pornstar, Vina Sky.

As you'll see in this one-on-one interview, Vina dishes out her top advice for dudes like us trying to level up our dating game. But before we read what she has to say, let's dive into a quick overview of this uber-popular adult star.

Who is Vina Sky?

If you've ever run a search for "Asian" at your favorite porn site, you've undoubtedly run across Vina Sky. She is easily recognizable by her tiny, tight frame, cherry blossom back tattoo, and wild pornographic performances; she has a young and sexy look that you simply can't get enough of.


On March 14, 1999, Vina was born in Houston, Texas, and grew up in a conservative Vietnamese household. 

Fresh out of high school at just 18 years of age, Vina had zero interest in following a typical cookie-cutter route in life. Instead, the perpetually horny Vina Sky began working for a local sex toy shop during the day and performing as a cam model at night. 

Twelve months into her new job, Vina knew she wanted to dabble in "sex work" at another level. One night, after a long day at the shop, she popped open her laptop and ran a Google search that would change her life forever.


A few weeks later, Vina was on a direct flight to Miami, Florida, filming her first-ever adult scene. 

As you might have imagined, Vina Sky's debut was virtually an overnight success! During the first year of her porn career, Vina Sky worked with top studios like Reality Kings and Cherry Pimps. Today, she continues to shoot with some of the top studios, such as Digital Sin, Brazzers, and many more. 

Dating Advice with Vina Sky

So, when it comes to the dating game, what recommendations does Vina have in store for us? 

Check out the video below, or simply keep reading to find out! 

Tip #1: Trust & Communication 

First, I think that trust and communication are crucial. I do porn, and also my boyfriend does porn. We're people who fuck other people and then come home and still fuck each other. 


I think that that has taught me a lot about knowing to trust somebody. 

Tip #2: Understand Love vs. Sex

I definitely think it's important for all people to realize that love and sex are two different things. I can say that from a personal perspective because I go, and I obviously fuck other people on camera. But at the end of the day, that doesn't mean that I love them. 

I definitely don't think that because you fucked somebody else or had sex or something with somebody else, that means you're cheating on them or that it's wrong. 

For example, If you love pizza… it can be your favorite food – like potato is my favorite food – but that doesn't mean I want potatoes every day. 

Tip #3: Give Your Partner Space

My final tip would have to be that when you are approaching someone that you think is cute or someone that you think is attractive, I think the best thing to do is to never bombard that person–never invade their space or assume that they want to fuck you. 


So, if you're like… 

"Your hair is so pretty... you're just so gorgeous, and do you want to come over to my place tonight?" 

"Maybe we can watch a movie?"

"Oh, wait, are you free tomorrow, too?" 

Don't do that. You want to play a little hard to get. 

I definitely say that from a personal perspective to that, like, sometimes it's a little too forward. Like, we get it like, we're cute. You like me. 

Eventually, we might do something, but it doesn't have to be like right now, you know?

Thank you for tuning in to this segment of Dating Advice. Click here to explore her replica Fleshlights "Exotica" and “Vivacious" today! 

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