Behind-the-Scenes with Misty Stone

Behind-the-Scenes with Misty Stone

Welcome to a brand new “Behind-the-Scenes” feature here at the Fleshlight blog. Today, we focus on the fit and ferociously focused, Misty Stone. 


As in previous editions of this segment, we highlight a Fleshlight Girl and share never-before-seen footage of our weekend together during our 2020 Las Vegas photoshoot.

Misty Stone’s Fleshlight Photoshoot

During Misty Stone’s photoshoot this winter, we spent a full weekend with her and fellow Fleshlight Girls as they posed in revealing lingerie, oftentimes revealing much more, wearing nothing but a smile.

During our Fleshlight Girl photoshoots, we aim to show off our hottest stars and oftentimes sit down for an exclusive interview with the girls as well. If interested, click here to check out “Getting to Know Misty Stone” and see our one-on-one interview together!

Check out our behind the scenes video below:

All About Misty Stone


Fleshlight Girl Misty Stone started her wildly successful adult film career in 2006. 
Stone stated in a 2014 interview that she "fell into" working in the porn industry, but later chose to make a career of it because she wanted to give it her all and “be the best at what she was doing.”

Misty’s drive for excellence has shone through multiple times already throughout her career. 

Whether she’s winning the Urban X Porn Star of the Year award or putting her acting skills on display, Misty Stone’s perky breasts, tight body, and amazing booty are such favorites with fans that Penthouse made her Pet of the Month in December 2014.


Misty has branched out into more mainstream entertainment, as well. You can catch her making cameos on series such as “Sons of Anarchy” and “Co-Ed Confidential.” On top of this, she’s also provided voiceovers for the ultra-popular video game Grand Theft Auto-V.

A non-stop hustler, Ms. Stone is also an outspoken advocate for performers of color in the adult industry. In a 2014 interview, Misty stated that it is a standard practice that black (and other ethnic performers) are paid less and that the practice is even upheld by ethnic-based production companies.

In October 2010, Misty Stone officially became a Fleshlight Girl with the launch of “Bump” and “Grind”, her signature Fleshlight textures.

As you prepare to penetrate her, close your eyes, then slowly take the plunge, imagining yourself bumping and grinding deep inside Misty Stone. 

Click here to feel the fantasy for yourself! 

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