Tips for Dicks with Kenzie Reeves

Tips for Dicks with Kenzie Reeves

Welcome back to Tips for Dicks, where we do our part to help you decipher what it is that women want. Here, in each segment, we interview a Fleshlight Girl and ask her a straightforward question: 

"What are your tips for dicks?" And, by "dicks”, of course, we are jokingly referring to us guys.

Today we connect with one of our newest and most popular girls, Kenzie Reeves, for a one-on-one chat. 

If you don't know much about her, that's fine. We'll kick off today's segment by giving you a brief rundown of the petite, 4'10" nymphomaniac.

Who is Kenzi Reeves? 

Arguably today's most popular bite-sized pornstar, Kenzie Reeves is known for her tiny body, youthful appearance, and impressive flexibility. If you've ever fantasized about a little blonde spinner riding your cock like there's no tomorrow, look no further – Kenzie Reeves is your girl!

Kenzie Reeves Fleshlight

Although she started at 18 as an exotic dancer, it didn't take long for Kenzie to realize that stripping simply wasn't enough. She wanted to go much deeper into the world of adult entertainment.

"I wanted to try something new, and I love being a playful sex kitten. I enjoy sex, pleasuring other people. I like to tease". 

Kenzie Reeves' Porn Career

In a short time, Kenzie Reeves discovered the adult film modeling agency East Coast Talent, and in March 2017, she traveled to Florida to shoot her debut film. 

Within less than a year of making her industry debut, Kenzie Reeves had already received a multitude of awards for her standout hardcore performances. 

While she adores filming a wide range of porn scenes, it's the "teen" genre where she has become a household name today.

"Anything to do with a schoolgirl fantasy…Anything with a plaid skirt and a ruler smacking my ass...I am totally with it".

Tips for Dicks with Kenzie Reeves


Tip #1: Size Doesn't Matter

I think size is a really big topic for men, so we're going to start here. 

I am a super slut. I like being nasty. But I will say size does not matter. I have had some of the biggest dicks be total trash (in bed). It's all about how you use it. 

You could have a fucking horse cock and be horrible at it. 

Like, fuck size. Seriously, fuck it. 

Tip #2: Trim Your Pubes

I understand most guys don't want to be fully bare down there. They like to have a little something. But please, for the love of fucking God, at least trim it a little bit. 

Kenzie Reeves Car Spread

It doesn't need to be fully shaved bare – like you can have a little bush or stubble – I don't care. I just don't want to be flossing with your pubes. 

Just take a little pair of scissors and trim it up. Make sure there's no unruly stragglers there, you know? 

Tip #3: Communicate Your Fetishes 

Another tip would be if you have any fetishes, be very, very clear about communicating them. I personally love getting AND giving rim jobs because... 

It's 2021, rim jobs are the new hand jobs, come on! 

Tip #4: Sweet Foods = Tastier Cum

If you eat sweet foods, your cum is going to be sweeter. Everyone says that about pineapple, but it's not just pineapple; it's any sweet food! 

Also, if you eat anything with dairy, it makes it thicker. 

And, that’s a wrap! We hope you've enjoyed learning more about the slim and sexy Kenzie Reeves, but don't stop here!

Now, you can experience your wildest kink with Kenzie any time you wish by picking up one of her replica male masturbators, Cream Puff and Cupcake, available only here at Fleshlight!

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