How To Increase Sexual Stamina for Outstanding Performance

What Is Sexual Stamina? 

Sexual stamina is how long an individual can sustain sex before taking a break, either through ejaculation or rest. Typically, sexual stamina is referred to as the length of time from initial penile insertion until ejaculation. 

On average, this period lasts for 5.5 minutes for men. This average means that many men last less than 5 minutes.  

Here are some of the most common factors that can impact stamina:

  • Erectile dysfunction: ED is the inability to get and keep an erection throughout a sexual encounter. It varies in severity and consistency. Some men simply can’t get hard, and some will suddenly become soft. It’s either a physical or psychological condition, and for most men, this sexual health condition is highly treatable. 
  • Mental state: Medical conditions like anxiety, depression, and lack of self-confidence can make it challenging to maintain an erection or keep up the stamina for sex. If you’re distracted and not focused on enjoying the moment, your sexual stamina and sex drive will suffer. 
  • Physical fitness: Sex can be tiring. It’s a highly physical act, and a lack of strength or cardiovascular fitness will damage your sexual stamina. 
  • Partner familiarity: Many men will have issues maintaining stamina or getting hard with an unfamiliar partner. Being comfortable with someone allows you more control over the situation and your stamina. 

Poor erectile function is a common issue with many possible sources and effective treatments. 

How To Increase Your Sexual Stamina

Here are the best ways to safely increase your sexual stamina and stop stressing over sex. 

Focus on Your Physical Health 

Diminished physical fitness makes it challenging to keep up your ideal sexual pace. 

Healthy eating habits and regular exercise can improve physical health and boost stamina. 

We’ve compiled some fitness facts and tips to help you up your endurance. 

  • Hit your calories: Most men need at least 2,500 calories each day. Not eating enough will result in lowered energy and stamina, among other potential side effects. 
  • Mind your macros: Eating all whole grains or only red meat won’t help power your body and maintain your health. Eat a careful mix of macronutrients to help keep your sexual desire and testosterone levels in a good spot without needing to rely heavily on drugs like Viagra.  
  • Get daily exercise: It’s recommended to get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day on top of several strength-focused workouts to maintain cardiovascular health. Doing push-ups, running, or biking will boost sexual and heart health. 
  • Consider supplements: Select supplements like potassium, amino acids, omega-3s, and l-arginine are great for men’s health. They’re an excellent pairing when increasing physical activity. 

These lifestyle changes won’t just increase sexual function. They can improve overall health, lower high blood pressure, and even benefit your mental health. 

It’s key to speak with a medical professional about any healthcare questions or concerns. Your doctor can help craft the ideal program that gets your stamina up (and pushes you toward a healthier lifestyle). 

Create a Quality Sleep Schedule 

Getting enough sleep is essential for improved stamina - you can only do so much when you’re tired. There are plenty of serious conditions that disrupt sleep for millions of individuals, including insomnia, narcolepsy, restless legs syndrome (RLS), sleep apnea, and more. 

If you’re facing one of these conditions, a qualified expert can help you craft a treatment plan that gets you sleeping again. However, if you’re just having trouble maintaining a sleep schedule, then these tips can help:

  • Set a realistic schedule: You won’t suddenly go from sleeping only 5 hours a night to sleeping 9 hours consistently. Make a realistic plan that respects your time and current capabilities.
  • Mind your drug intake: Drinking too much caffeine too close to bedtime is a recipe for disaster, and excessive alcohol consumption can decimate your sexual energy levels. Keep your sex life in mind and skip the afternoon latte and late-night benders.  
  • Design a restful environment: Invest in blackout curtains, put on some white noise, or simply straighten up. You’ll be amazed how a bright or hectic space can limit your sleeping abilities. 
  • Limit napping: This isn’t an option for everyone, as lives and work can be stressful. Whenever possible, hold off on your naptime or shorten the rest time. 
  • Address stressors: Trying to sleep when panicked and stressed rarely ends well. Think about the major stressors that plague your nighttime thoughts and start to address them. 

An effective sleep schedule is a one-way ticket to satisfying sex without any sexual endurance issues or mid-way yawning. It can also limit future health issues and improve overall wellness.

Start Slow With Foreplay

Foreplay is any sexual activity that precedes intercourse. Emphasizing foreplay can help build up tension and allow for a slow start that elongates your stamina. 

Exploring other erogenous zones or engaging in oral sex before focusing on the main event can also prolong the pleasure for you and your partner. 

Before sex, discuss ideal foreplay techniques with your special someone. Go over what’s worked previously and what you’re both interested in trying. You’ll be surprised at how much longer the experience can last.  

Build Endurance Through Masturbation

If your main sexual experience is partnered, it can be tough to last. Regular masturbation continually re-introduces mind-blowing sensations, helping you improve sexual stamina. 

It’s helpful to get a toy that precisely mimics the feeling of a warm snatch and the sensations of sex. Fleshlight’s three-step process can vastly up your stamina. Here’s how it works:

  • Pocket Pussy: These fantastic toys feel almost exactly like a real vagina, fully immersing you in inches of tight pleasure. 
  • Sleeve Warmers: Premier sleeve warmers allow you to quickly heat your new pocket pussy to the exact temperature of a pussy.
  • Sex Mounts: These mounts are the final step in a realistic masturbation routine. Your sex mount will grip your new artificial pussy and pumps at any pace you’d like. 

These toys ideally prepare you for your next partnered sexual encounter, allowing you to get used to the sensations of real sex without desensitizing you.  

Consider Desensitizing Lubes

Have you tried our other methods, and nothing is helping you last longer than a few minutes (or seconds)? You’re not alone. Enter revolutionary desensitizing lube. 

If you tend to end early, a desensitizing lube can help prolong the experience and ease you to the finish line. These lubricants can slightly dull the sensations of intercourse and make it easier to build to orgasm at a reasonable pace. They can decrease blood flow to your genitalia, constrict blood vessels, and prevent premature ejaculation.

Test your desensitizing lube during solo sex sessions before bringing it into the bedroom. This will ensure you don’t have a poor experience with the product and help build confidence leading up to the big moment. 

Add Toys to Prolong Pleasure

Almost every sexually active person has had a moment where they came before they were ready. Working to limit these moments won’t stop them from happening entirely, and that’s okay. Sex is meant to feel good, and you’re meant to cum. It’s part of the fun. 

However, adding toys into the bedroom can help prolong pleasure and give you a short break if needed. It’s a good method to draw out sexual experiences and increase sensations for everyone involved. Check out the best sex toys for couples and revolutionize your sex life and stamina. 

Practice Makes Perfect – Improve Your Stamina With Fleshlight

From switching up your foreplay to adding couples’ sex toys, there are plenty of options for increasing your sexual stamina. At Fleshlight, we design premium sex toys that can boost your endurance and keep you lasting longer in the bedroom. 

Take sexual dysfunction into your own hands, and check out our full line of adult toys today.

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