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Fleshlight Air™

Fleshlight Air™

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Cleaning your Fleshlight is now easier than ever. With the Fleshlight Air, you don’t have to worry about how to position a clean, wet Fleshlight in order to ensure it’s dry. The Fleshlight Air is an efficient and effective solution for all of your Fleshlight drying needs. The device features three dry-time settings (20-, 40-, and 60-minute intervals), and a USB cord (required for use). It also includes ring adapters to fit your Quickshot, Flight and Go toys, in addition to standard-size Fleshlights. NOTE: Fleshlight products are sold separately. Do not place near or submerge in water.

Use Instructions:

  1. Remove sleeve from case, wash out your Fleshlight/GO/Flight/Quickshot sleeve using water and Fleshwash™. Thoroughly shake masturbator sleeve to dislodge excess water from the interior channel.
  2. Pat exterior of masturbator sleeve dry with paper towel or microfiber cloth.
  3. Re-insert masturbator sleeve into its Fleshlight case with end caps removed.
  4. Lock sleeve and case into the drying port with corresponding ring adapter, where necessary.
  5. Depress the activation button 1x to initiate a 20-minute drying cycle, 2x for 40 minutes and 3x for 60 minutes.

Recommended Dry-time Settings:

  1. Press once for drying Quickshot products
  2. Press twice for drying GO/Flight products
  3. Press three times for full-size Fleshlight products (including Classic, Stamina Training Unit, Fleshlight Girls, Fleshjack Boys, and Turbo product lines)

NOTE: Depending on local environmental conditions, drying times may vary.


When using the Fleshlight Air™, basic safety precautions should always be followed. As with most electrical appliances, electrical parts are electrically live even when the unit is turned off.

To reduce the risk of injury by electric shock:

  1. Do not place or store the drying unit where it can fall or be pulled into a tub or sink.
  2. Do not place or drop into water or other liquid
  3. If the drying unit falls into water, unplug it immediately. Do not reach into water.

What's Included

  • 1 Fleshlight Air
  • USB Charging Cable


Care Instructions

All Fleshlights are body safe made with our patented 100% phthalate-free SuperSkin™ material (beware of imitations).

*Trust Fleshlight-branded products to extend the life of your Fleshlight. Use only water-based lubricants to avoid damaging your Fleshlight.

Please follow this link to view our use & care guide:

Clean and Care Guide

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