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Kendra Sunderland

Kendra Sunderland

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There are many paths into the adult industry, but few entertainers will ever quite match the audacity and speed with which the pornstar Kendra Sunderland rose to fame. At age 19, she was a student at the Oregon State University simply trying to make ends meet. While working a series of waitress jobs, a friend suggested she consider doing cam shows over the internet. It was in October 2014 that the world of porn first met Kendra Sunderland.

Kendra Sunderland’s Journey to Fame

Sunderland developed a following quickly, and a user commenting on her live stream suggested a zany plan. The user said she should start performing masturbation scenes in increasingly public places. Kendra decided to follow the advice, and what followed has since been enshrined in the lore of OSU, the internet and the court proceedings of the state of Oregon.

By the end of the semester, Kendra Sunderland was performing cam shows in locations such as the OSU student library. She began making more money and subsequently decided to quit school to focus on her show. While people often walked obliviously behind her in the cam videos, Kendra Sunderland's fan base grew quickly and displayed a self-evident enthusiasm.

In January 2015, a too-enthusiastic fan uploaded a clip of her masturbating in the OSU student library to Pornhub. She quickly became a minor local celebrity, nicknamed the "Oregon State Library Girl." The video went viral. Not long after, she was recognized and was facing a fine. Her fame spread nationally, and she was asked to do a photo spread for Penthouse, appearing in the May 2015 edition.

Kendra Sunderland has gone on to appear on a variety of famous adult outlets from discussing her story on Naked News to appearing in a series of videos directed by Greg Lansky. By 2016, she had partnered with Vixen. In 2017, she was named the Vixen Angel of the Year.

Rather than being a flash in the pan, she has proven to be a remarkable talent with the kind of staying power that legends are made of. It's easy to appreciate why so many guys might wish to have sex with Kendra Sunderland. A crowd pleaser even before she found her way to the student library, the young Angel has since partnered with Fleshlight to promote a pocket pussy that will send you to heaven.

Kendra's meteoric rise from being a local celebrity called "Library Girl" to modeling a signature Fleshlight product is the stuff of myth. A daring spirit, she has done everything on her cam show from the mundane, such as catering to bubble gum fetishes, to the absurd, such as licking the bottom of her own shoe. Truly a porn star built for the Social Media Age, she gained acclaim on account of her long and lean figure, flowing blond hair and natural 32G breasts. Her boundless sense of adventure is what first made so many followers fall in love with her, and now they can take the excitement level higher with the Vixen and Tushy Pack, which includes the Kendra Sunderland pocket pussy and brings along a modeled orifice from another of her Vixen Angel friends.

Fans of the "Library Girl" video have doubtlessly wondered what it feels like below the waistline, and they can now experience the internet sensation with this exclusive Kendra Sunderland sex toy. You may also go back to where it all began with the maddeningly hot Library Girl Study Pack. Adventurers can even get more bang for the buck by looking into planning a Fleshlight orgy.

The Kendra Sunderland Fleshlight

The dream of hanging out with the wild college girl who's down for whatever is a classic fantasy and Kendra Sunderland quickly established a reputation for boldness by asking, "What about the library?" The sensation will never feel as real as when you first encounter the initial "kiss" of the flawlessly arranged lips at the vaginal opening, an orifice that'll have you picturing Kendra Sunderland's arousal with every motion. Pushing deeper with each stroke, you'll feel the ultra-smooth half-beads designed to massage the shaft into ecstasy.

The naturalness of the experience replicates the same intensity you witness in every video of Kendra Sunderland. A clinching sensation is generated by Fleshlight's distinct massaging nub pattern that includes rows angled inward, outward, forward and backward. Replicating the experience of having sex with Kendra Sunderland, the Lady Sleeve offers the same sort of wild ride the bold college student has been on since she first earned the porn world's attention in 2014.

The Kendra Sunderland pocket pussy is a work that will take you back to those college classes that taught you an artistic appreciation of everything that could be interpreted as vaginal. With a flower-like bloom, the lips are enticing, inviting you to explore. You'll feel every inch the way Kendra Sunderland did when she was first recording in the OSU student library. You can also see that all your moves will be silky smooth by using one of the options from the Fleshlube Elements Pack.

When it comes time to take a study break, this Kendra Sunderland sex toy offers the sweet release you desire. Pair it with the Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer to readily heat things up, and you'll instantly appreciate the mind-blowing rush each boyfriend who has ventured onto Kendra's cam show felt. The multiple layers of spiral-shaped pleasure halos await your arrival. In no time, you'll understand why Kendra Sunderland was driven to touch herself and share the experience with the whole world. Discover the Kendra Sunderland Fleshlight experience for yourself today.


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  • Angel

    Angels are spiritual beings created by a higher power. Kendra will help ascend you to a heavenly climax with her transcendent sensation. Featuring multiple layers of spiral-shaped pleasure halos to make you rise up and meet your creator.