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Angela White

Angela White

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In 2014, we were proud to introduce Angela White as our first Australian Fleshlight girl. The self-identified bisexual performer had just inked her first Girlfriends Films distribution deal, causing men - and women - everywhere to imagine what it's like to have sex with Angela White. But the star is just as talented off-camera, and behind it, as she is on film. She directs and produces adult films in addition to acting. This sexy Renaissance woman even manages to run her own website and blog while maintaining a thriving career. named the versatile adult film star its 2017 Angel Vixen just three months after she was chosen as Girlsway's Girl of the Month. Despite industry awards and an ever-growing audience, Angela White remains an avid webcam performer as well. A keen observer of what's on the horizon for adult films, she once touted webcamming as a way to promote porn in a piracy-paranoid landscape.

Her enthusiasm for adult films and the pursuit of pleasure makes the busty brunette a fan favorite and industry darling. She's just as popular with mainstream audiences, though, appearing in everything from Australian sitcoms to documentaries. A proponent of sexual diversity, White sees porn as a celebration of our sexuality and hopes everyone else will, too. She's one of the few to use her real name in her work, and her ability to establish an emotional connection with co-stars helps take her performances to the next level.

Angela White is equal parts brilliant and sexy. In 2010, the Aussie beauty received a degree, with honors, in Gender Studies and plans to pursue a Ph.D. She put her degree to work, running for political office as a champion for sex workers' rights. Her purpose in running was to take away votes from a politician who wanted to criminalize sex work. Angela made national history by filming the country's first two-candidate adult film scene with co-star and fellow Australian Sex Party member Zahra Stardust.

Behold the Angela White Pocket Pussy

With her celebratory view of sex, it's only right that one of our favorite porn stars has a masturbator modeled after her lady parts. This is just one more way for the lovely Aussie to bring pleasure to her male fans. If you've always wanted to have sex with Angela White - and who hasn't? - now's your chance. While we can't offer sex with the real Angela White, we can give you an experience that's the next best thing: a truly realistic Angela White pocket pussy. Thanks to some amazing technology, you can spend some alone time with every guy's fantasy.

This Angela White Fleshlight simulates the experience of going deep inside the real Angela White. Perfectly textured to feel like Angela's tight vagina, it gives you the perfect grip for a mind-blowing orgasm. The Angela White sex pocket pussy accommodates up to 9 inches. Its ribs vary in thickness and are flexible enough to "hug" your penis for the ultimate in pleasure.

Its discreet case lets you take Angela White with you wherever you go for new levels of pleasure any time of the day or night. You can have Angela White as much as you want thanks to the convenience of this world-class sex toy. Get these impressive benefits:

  • An included sachet for our water-based lube; try our Fleshlube Elements Pack
  • A removable sleeve that's easy to clean and freshen
  • A pearlescent case that hides the sex toy modeled after Angela White

With its realistic vagina, fantasy-inspiring tightness, and eyes-rolling-back-in-the-head texture, this sex toy are the stuff dreams are made of. Bring your fantasies to life when you have sex with this incredible pocket pussy modeled after the vagina of the gorgeous Angela White. It's designed to provide sensations you never thought possible with a sex toy, and we're sure you'll agree it comes through every time.

As if the contours and ridges aren't enough, the tightness and suction will take you over the top. Why just masturbate when you can have an orgasmic sex experience like never before with Angela White? An exact replica of the real thing, it gives you spine-tingling sensations you could only imagine before. Start up one of her movies, grab a tube of our lube, and be prepared for the masturbation session of a lifetime.

Quality Sex Toys for Angela White Fans

Fleshlight offers the quality you need for next-level masturbation. Our team does the research needed to give you pocket pussies and butt toys at the top of their respective classes. From a simulated blowjob to full-on sex, we want you to have the real-life experience you're after. For optimal sensation, warm your toy in water, dry it off, and use plenty of lube. If you're like most of our customers, you won't believe how it makes you feel. Be sure you have plenty of privacy because you may end up moaning out loud uncontrollably.

Whether you've never used a sex toy or you want to up your masturbation game, try the Angela White pocket pussy and butt sleeve from Fleshlight. We've made sure these strokers have all the features you need. Our sex toys are designed with incredible detail not just in the way they look but in the way they feel. We want you to experience what it's like to have sex with your favorite porn stars without the awkwardness of becoming a porn star yourself. 

Maybe you can't meet the real Angela White, but you can feel what it's like to have sex with one of the industry's hottest women.


  • The full size Fleshlight is our largest option which accommodates 8-9 inches in length and a 7 1/2-inch girth.

Care Instructions

All Fleshlights are body safe made with our patented 100% phthalate-free SuperSkin™ material (beware of imitations).

*Trust Fleshlight-branded products to extend the life of your Fleshlight. Use only water-based lubricants to avoid damaging your Fleshlight.

Please follow this link to view our use & care guide:

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  • Indulge

    Marvel at the incredible feeling of this truly impressive texture. Waves of space and snugness are interspersed with arrays of stimulating pleasure knobs to give a truly amazing feeling in every dimension.

  • Entice

    This texture embodies the class, grace, elegance and beauty of Angela White. Intermixed spirals of soft and stimulating surfaces create a wonderful, sensuous experience inside.

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