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ID Glide (8.5 oz.)

ID Glide (8.5 oz.)

(7 customer reviews)
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ID Glide 8.5oz bottle

Formulated from the highest quality ingredients, doctor recommended ID Glide Personal Lubricant is designed specifically to enhance the pleasure of intimacy. Clear, odorless and water-based, ID Glide is silky smooth, ultra long lasting and latex compatible.

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Customer Reviews

I've gone through 2 Fleshlight sleeves (had em' for a while, tossed them out) and always used ID Glide. It works great and it washes off pretty easily too. Make sure you clean your man tool before your start pumping. Lube will last longer. This bottle will last you a good while (about 4-5 months if used a few times a week)
Posted by JM on 07/30/2013

Would highly recommend this product, my bottle lasted for like 4 or 5 months with continuous use, rarely had to reapply. Buying more as we speak
Posted by EZ on 04/08/2011

I agree with Jean, ID pleasure and wet light don't work as well with FLs, just get a big bottle of original ID glide, I don't use gun oil either, ID stays wet longer, its really the main stay for FL lube.
Posted by FLightMaster on 03/12/2010

I prefer ID glide over ID pleasure. I highly recommend using ID Glide for your fleshlights, it's perfect.
Posted by Jean on 12/24/2009

This is the best lubricant i've ever used if combine with fleshlight. It doesn't need to boil in the warm water before you use it. It is like magic automatic heating to let you enjoy your every moment. Thank you again ID Glide!
Posted by ID_Glide83 on 05/14/2009

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