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Two Play

Two Play


This new Fleshlight mount delivers all the right angles for all the right positions. Part classic Liberator Ramp, and part Fleshlight Mount, the Two-Play is perfect way to mount up by yourself or with a partner.

Easier to explain. If you've been wanting to try a Fleshlight Mount, but have been worried about how to justify buying "masturbation furniture," to your partner, then the Two-Play is answer. Other Fleshlight mounts are designed specifically for men who don't have to explain it to anyone. The Two-Play is the first Fleshlight Mount that's designed to be used alone or with a partner. Introduce it into the bedroom as a love making enhancement, she'll love how it makes holding her positions more comfortable, and you'll love how it keeps her in the perfect position longer!

The real thing next to the next best thing. Plug your favorite Fleshlight into the Two-Play, then position your partner right next to it for the ultimate blind taste test!
Mount up and go to town Using the Fleshlight the with your hand is an amazingly realistic experience, but nothing simulates sex better than thrusting your entire body into a mounted Fleshlight. The Two-play offers a wide range of positions from standard knees on the bed missionary, to standing on the side of the bed doggy style.

Why would my partner and I use this? The ramp offers support with deep slope elevation, strategically lifting your lover’s hips to a Ramp-bunctious altitude of 12 inches. Teach your doggy style some new tricks with a supportive angled sex cushionthe key to perfect rear-entry penetration. Critical angles accentuate sensitivity, while supported elevation prevents falling forward and slipping and sore elbows, wrists, and hips from being buried in the mattress. With the Liberator Ramp, a couple can sustain the doggy style position for longer, resulting in more satisfying sessions. Other Ramp specialties include off the side of the bed sex, oral sex, and an unbeatable girl-on-top ride

Material:Black Pleather with the Fleshlight signature green color piping.

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