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      Utopia Pink Sleeve
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One of our most popular textures featured with Riley Reid's Signature Vagina sleeve from our line of  Fleshlight Girls products, the Utopia texture is available without a Fleshlight case at a lower price. 

Featuring a revolutionary new coiled design complete with unique "pleasure pockets," the Utopia texture is the perfect combination of ribbed pleasure and tight stimulation.  This sleeve features elements of some of our best textures: a tightly ribbed opening, followed by a tighter "lotus node," and a chamber of finger-like obtrusions similar to the crowd-favorite "Destroya,"  this sleeve has it all and is sure to satisfy.

Offered here in your choice of Lady (vagina) or Butt orifices with our soft, classic pink SuperSkin material.  Pair this sleeve with any Full-Sized Fleshlight case, sold separately.

Length: 9 inches
Orifice: Vagina or Butt
Case: Sold Separately

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