Collection: Prostate Toys

The prostate is tucked away in the perineum area, and stimulating it can lead to some of the most intense sensations you've ever experienced. If you have not tried prostate stimulation, you are in for quite the orgasm. Prostate toys are an enticing way to explore this part of your body, and you can enjoy these sensations during your alone time or with a partner.\

Get Your Rocks Off

The Rocks Off collection of prostate toys includes the Cheeky Boy, Rude Boy, Bad Boy and Naughty Boy. The Rude Boy has a wider tip for enhanced prostate stimulation. The Naughty Boy offers a slim profile, and it is great as a beginner anal toy. With the Cheeky Boy, you get both prostate and perineum stimulation with the smooth, firm angled toy that has an insertion length of 4.5 inches. It uses beads to tantalize all the right parts of your anatomy. Control it yourself or have your partner tease you with one of these fun toys in bed. Try it with some lube for comfort and easy insertion.

NJoy the Stimulation

When you prefer smoothness and a touch of shine, try the NJoy prostate massaging toys. These toys are made of stainless steel, which is naturally smooth and easy to clean when you're finished. The Pure Wand offers asymmetrical tapering and a rounded tip that perfectly stimulates the prostate. The Fun Wand has three oblong-shaped beads for teasing during insertion and extra stimulation with thrusting. You can use these along with stamina-training products to improve your performance in bed.

Reach Your Nexus

After you have experienced the breathtaking sensations that prostate toys provide, the Nexus is the ultimate in prostate stimulation. The Nexus Revo Intense provides you with precise stimulation and an intense ride. Climb on, and get direct stimulation to your prostate and perineum. It rotates and vibrates inside you with two rotation speeds and three settings to choose from. No batteries are needed since it uses a USB magnetic charger. The shaft is made of smooth silicone that warms up as you ride it. The sturdy plastic base allows you to use it almost anywhere.

Try Anal Play

Rimming is a way to stimulate the many nerve endings around your anus. With the B-vibe and G-vibe, you can experience these intense sensations any time you want. Each of these toys has a range of six speed settings, so you can select the level of stimulation that you prefer. Pair them with interactive sex toys when you're away from your partner. With these prostate toys from Fleshlight, you can achieve a more intense and pleasurable orgasm alone or with your partner.

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