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There's Fleshlight for straight guys, and then there's Fleshjack, the gay adult toy store that offers a wide variety of self-pleasuring toys. It's where you'll find the assortment of gay male dildos known as "Freaks." All dildos are designed for masturbation, but these toys take it to the next level. Not only are Freaks good for self-pleasuring, but they also make a fine addition to role-playing with a partner. Also, they're perfect for special occasions such as an adult Halloween private party, for instance. Chances are your imagination will go into overdrive when you play with one of these dildos.

While the balls, the shafts, and the lengths of the dildos are especially suited for a healthy gay male's sexual appetite, each Fleshlight Freaks dildo is created uniquely, giving men a wide variety to choose from. You'll find that these aren't just toys for gay men; instead, they're works of art, beautiful enough to be displayed in a glass case. You don't want to miss out on these tempting, freaky dildos offered at Fleshjack.

Go In Deep With Bigfoot

There are dildos, and then there's Bigfoot. A whopping 11.5 inches, including its big balls, you can just imagine Bigfoot's hairy monster resembling this one as he stomps through the woods. Every detail of this lifelike toy adds to the fun. The testicles, the hair, the shaft, and the head of this dildo are manufactured in a brown sugar-colored, high-quality, platinum-cured silicone.

Fly Into Space With Alien

If you don't believe in UFOs, the Alien will change your mind. This massive blue platinum-cured silicone is 8 inches, including the balls. Grab some lube and go on a space adventure like never before with every realistic ridge and vein of this Fleshlight Freaks dildo. Abduct your partner and take your role-playing to new heights.

Discover Your Dark Side With Drac

When a vampire comes calling, you'll want to let the right one in, and that would be Drac, the realistic shimmery blood-red, platinum-cured silicone dildo with bat-wing like ridges and a multitude of stimulating tiny bumps. This one is 7.5 inches, including the balls. Fantasize about a sexy vampire, take this bloodsucker deep into your most private area, and experience a transformation unlike no other.

Self-pleasure as a gay guy is fun, and it is even more exciting when you introduce clever dildos with freaky appearances and freaky names. With all the fun Freaks dildos at  Fleshjack,  you'll want to collect them all.