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Dec 01, 2011

World AIDS Day

Listen up y'all!  World Aids Day is here!  Here's what you need to know about World Aids Day:  Since 1988, Wold Aids Day has been the first day of December and offers the world an opportunity to provide support for people living with HIV and remember those who have died.  Don't forget to wear your red ribbon as a sign of support, but most importantly be sure to take some time to educate yourself and definitely wrap it up!! Also, don't forget about your Fleshlight!  By providing a quality, discreet, and tasteful product, Fleshlight hopes to change stigmas and to help bring the topic of male sexuality into the light of legitimacy and reason.  With AIDS, violence, and unwanted pregnancy at epidemic levels, there is reason to be cautious.  Fleshlight will provide an outlet to express your fantasies and impulses in a safe, but highly pleasurable environment!

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