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Dec 10, 2009

Which Lube Would They Use: Heroes & Villains

When not fighting or creating crime, heroes and villains like to get busy in the bedroom just like civilians. Just like us, they all have their sexual preferences whether it be the position, toys involved, or role play. Since Fleshlight has 15% OFF all lube today when you use code HOL09LUBE, let's take a look at multiple heroes and villains and try to pick which of the FleshLubes they would use and why. Water, Fire, or Ice.

Comment with your own for a chance to win a FleshLube 3-Pack!

Mr. Freeze
FleshLube of Choice: Ice

Really, did you expect anything different? Mr. Freeze, the sub zero villain of the caped crusader probably likes to shake things up in the ol' ice cave. Even though his sexual partners would probably welcome a little Fire to warm things up a bit, anything but Ice would be risking the life of one of the coolest villains of all time. Sex on Ice anyone?

The Human Torch
FleshLube of Choice: Fire

Flame On! Bombarded on a spacecraft by cosmic rays, The Human Torch has the ability to absorb, engulf, and control fire at his very will. Perhaps he is the solution to global warming? Anyway. For the hero that probably always has a burning sensation when he pees, he chooses FleshLube Fire.

FleshLube of Choice: Water

There are plenty of fish in the sea. Unfortunately in Aquaman's case, we really do mean fish. Unable to mingle with the land ladies, the only action Aquaman gets is with his Fleshlight. Not such a bad thing. He can however talk and control all marine life! Hey Sea Otter, get that chicks number for me! FleshLube water will actually help him survive on land so he can fuck mainland girls all night.

Captain Planet
FleshLube Elements Pack

There is only one hero that uses Fire, Ice, and Water...and that is Captain Planet. When he isn't saving the environment, he is fucking some of the hottest environmentalist ass on the planet. While it could be wild to take the captain's advice and use all the FleshLube's at once, heed the following warning. If you mix all three with your partner, you may accidentally summon Mr. Planet into your bedroom for an unplanned threesome.

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Comment below with your heroes & villains with their FleshLube choices and have a chance to win an Elements Pack, Captain Planet not included.

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