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Jan 21, 2010

When you work at Fleshlight...

A job at Fleshlight is a job like no other. In fact, it may very well be its own universe. While at another job you may get in trouble for looking at porn on your computer, at Fleshlight you get in trouble if you don't share it with everyone else.

I'm OrlandoFleshlight and I am going to tell you a little about what it is like to be a Social Media guy at Fleshlight - the Universal Studios of the Adult Novelty Industry.

When first starting this job, I really didn't know what to expect. I was confident in my skills, but was unsure of the type of the environment I would get to use them in. Would this be like a creepy dark adult shop where nobody talks to each other, would porn stars be walking around like Mickey Mouse in Disneyland, or would this be completely something different?

As I first started working here, I felt part of a distinguished club. It is not everyday you meet someone that works for the #1 Selling Male Sex Toy in the world. Instead of working for a company that provides a service or product that I don't give a rat's ass about, I was working for a company that sells a product that I had actually used! That's right. Several years before joining the Fleshlight team, I was the proud owner of a Speed Bump Lady. So just like the Hair Club for Men guy, I not only work for Fleshlight, I am also a client. (I have great natural hair though...)

What was my introduction like? Below was my first week...

- Test the Jenna Haze Forbidden before everyone else.
- Photographing hot girls wrestling in lube.
- Luxurious dinner with the CEO and entire staff.
- Going through tons of photos of hot women.

As you can see, I worked pretty hard during that first week. The job just continued to get better as time went on. Over the next few months I got to interview some of the top porn stars like Teagan Presley, Jesse Jane, Eva Angelina and Riley Steele. Besides just interviewing, I also got to peek in on all the video and photo shoots for each Fleshlight Girl. It's great they give me vision insurance because working here requires that you have 20/20 vision for those situations.

With that little bit of insight into what it was like to start working at Fleshlight, I will share some interesting things I've noticed about myself since I have began my employment.

- It is almost IMPOSSIBLE to not say Fleshlight when asking for a Flashlight. (Sorry Home Depot guy...)

- Every single time I mean to type the word "office", I type the word "orifice". Spell check does NOTHING to help me with this problem.

- I've lost a good ten pounds. Many people here are into health and exercise as shown by our impressive in-office gym. That kind of stuff rubs off on you.

- My pickup skills have soared. When you watch Jenna Haze doing everything imaginable daily, civilian women seem a lot less terrifying.

- Seeing the "Lube" sign at the Jiffy Lube makes me think of entirely different things.

Hopefully this article gave you a little insight into how great Fleshlight is as a company and what being an employee is like. Feel free to comment with any questions you may have about what I do. Also, look for my month long journey of trying every single Fleshlight texture right here on the Fleshlight Blog.

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